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Anita Sarkeesian Visits THE COLBERT REPORT to Talk GamerGate

Stephen Colbert invited Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian to his show last night to have a friendly debate about GamerGate. Some may not believe such a thing exists, but the following video proves that two people with different viewpoints on a certain subject really can sit down and respectfully voice their opinions to one another. See this striking spectacle of human communication in the video below:

The debate between Sarkeesian and Colbert may fly clean over the heads of folks who’ve never tuned into The Colbert Report, a show popular for its methods of ragging on different aspects of society through means of satire and reverse psychology. Something tells me that this still won’t be the last time we see the GamerGate subject surface in some form on the internet, though. Fingers crossed we bring back the positivity moving forward.

[HT: Comedy Central]

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  1. A Nerdnick says:

    I’m disappointed in Stephen for not seeing through this campaign of self promotion by A.S. Yeah, there is no excuse for the threats she received, but let’s be real, Anita S is loving all this attention and she’s working hard to piss people off so it keeps going. Best thing that ever happened to her.

    • Jakedawson says:

      Well to me it feels like she baited a certain demographic of men with her dishonest videos that made false assumptions about certain games, like for example that dragging half naked women around was an essential part of Hitman: Absolution. That men derived a pleasure from it. That upset a lot of men. Those of a less immature nature and respect for women tried to point out her disingenuous coverage of gaming, but it fell on deaf ears. It grew into this ugly thing where all the focus is on these creepy disgusting males attacking women who speak up in gaming. It distracted everyone from A.S. sometimes misleading videos that helped get us here in the first place. Now men are not allowed to saying against A.S. If we do we’re labeled no better than the disgusting creeps threatening these women.

  2. B.j. Murphy says:

    Gamergate is a big issue, regardless of opinion. Sexually explicit imagery in gaming isn’t exactly the problem here. Rather, the gender variance of what is being sexually explicit, which tends to lean towards female characters more so than male. 

    As a result, when women gamers speak out about this, they’re verbally attacked and threatened. If a game developer truly wants to include sexually explicit female characters in their game, then they should at least also include an equal amount of sexually explicit male characters. 

  3. Dutchi says:

    Can we go back to the discussion on which console is better then the other?

    • matt says:

      I know what you mean, but no we can’t. Things need to change! but I hope in the near future all we have to argue about are which console can or can not do 1080p 60fps

  4. DiHard11 says:

    This isn’t going to end.  1) The people on both ends of the issue are too passionate to let it be.  2) The real issue is a cultural issue not limited to the internet or gaming community.  It is a very complex situation.  Unfortunately, emotions are way to high to have an real constructive conversations. 

    • matt says:

      The exact same thing could have been said about black slaves… “its never going to end, so give it up”.  It does not take a day, month or year… it takes a life time and we need to stick with it and teach our children the correct way to think. Just because something seems hard, does not mean its not worth fighting for.  Don’t think that way. think positive and help out the cause the best way you can. talk to co-workers, friends and people on the internet. its the ebst idea

      • Malik Forté says:

        Comparing #GamerGate to slavery? You obviously aren’t seeing the problem here

        • Shawn says:

          I’m pretty damn sure, Mr. Author, that the “separate but equal” exchange Stephen and Anita had in this video was directly referencing the similarities to slavery. Seriously? You posted this thing,

      • Tuna says:

        Actually the “separate but equal” comment isn’t about slavery. It’s a concept that came out of racial segregation and is more of a civil rights issue. Just sayin’

  5. Gross. She was awful.It’s like idiot moms trying to ban KISS

  6. David Edey says:

    I can’t seen any video from Comedy Central because I’m in Canada.  It would really help me look up the video on, if you could tell me which day / time the episode you’re discussing is from….