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Anime-Inspired DOCTOR WHO Gear Announced for SDCC (Exclusive)

Whether it’s in the form of owls, cats, or just a photo collage, there’s something undeniably awesome about seeing every incarnation of Doctor Who‘s Doctor in a single image. Each version is so distinctly their own while still being the same person, and it does a Whovian good to see any and all new versions of such a gathering. The good folks at BBC America surely know this, and for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 attendees, the chance to adorn your person with depictions of various groupings of Doctors has never looked so adorable.

The BBC America booth (#4129) will feature exclusive items featuring Kawaii depictions of the Doctors. In Japanese pop culture, “Kawaii” is the quality of being cute, an attribute that certainly shines through on all of these, designed by artist Kelly Yates. Yates is an illustrator best known for his work on Doctor Who comic books and merchandizing, and he’ll also be signing his work at the BBC America booth Thursday, July 20th from 1-2PM and then again on Saturday July 22nd from 1-2pm.

But let’s move on to the ‘sclus! First up, we have a t-shirt that features the five New Series versions of the character to date—the War, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors. Yates got Capaldi’s ever-feathering hair perfectly, and his version of the War Doctor is definitely not one to be messed with. This shirt will run you $25.00.
BTS-KWFV-001 Kawaii--All-Doctors-Sonic.TEE1.

And the back:

Next up is a hoodie with all 13 Doctors piling into (or out of) the TARDIS. I especially like the Third Doctor hanging off the side. It’s very him. This hoodie will be available for $50.00.

And the front:

And finally, for $10.00, you’ll be able to bring all 13 Doctors to your desk with liquid in this awesome mug!
Kawaii Mug

All of these exclusives will be on a first come, first serve basis (of course, it’s Comic-Con after all), and only while supplies last. Probably worth waiting in line, we’d say.

Are you excited to put these Kawaii Doctors in your clothing or beverage repertoire? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Kelly Yates; BBC America/Titan

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor and the resident Whovian for Nerdist. Follow him on Twitter!

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