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Angry LEFT 4 DEAD 2 Player Mods Destructible Steam Servers into the Game

To my surprise, Left 4 Dead 2 is still relevant in the Steam community. Apparently, a very active modding community has kept this game alive for much longer than most games of its stature. L4D2 is still in the top 40 most-played games on the list for the service. Well, things were all dandy until a recent SDK update disrupted the servers (the update has been recently rolled-back to fix the issues), and many were dealing with minor, but annoying interruptions to their game time.

One of the players took matters into their own hands in a nonviolent way, and created a mod that replaces the propane tanks in the game with Steam servers. The mastermind behind it all, Ellie, expressed all of the frustration in the description of the mod, which you can read below.

“After suffering from a 9th server crash this week, I had enough. Steam and Valve clearly don’t freakin’ care about L4D2 because they made all official server crash with their new stupid update for Steam Controller (who uses controller in a PC FPS like really).
Since 10 days, it’s almost impossible to pass map 3 on every L4D2 server, thanks again to VALVE and their (as always) bad update ; why do you need to mess up with an old cool game that way.
This mod adds Steam Servers in game to replace the Propane Tanks, so you can blow dem’ ♥♥♥♥ers and give them at lease one purpose.


*Hate intensifies*”

Again, it seems like things are back to normal right now, but this mod was too funny not to share. As someone who’s not a proponent of violence, this is really a great way of sending a message, loud and clear.

Do you like this approach to sending a message? Do you still play Left 4 Dead 2? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: Kotaku

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