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ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE Sets Revealed by LEGO — Are They the Bomb?

From a Russian LEGO catalog, we have our very first look at LEGO’s Angry Birds sets from the upcoming movie, which ought to at least please fans who wanted the big L to swipe the construction-toy licenses from K’NEX. On first glance, the pig structures seem a lot sturdier than in the game, though the sets do include slingshot mechanisms, and the castle features a trigger that, when hit, releases the eggs.


Only one of the pigs in the movie seems to have a name — Leonard (Bill Hader) — but the white bird is named Matilda (Maya Rudolph), and the yellow bird is named Chuck (Josh Gad). Stella (Kate McKinnon) is already pretty well established in canon by an actual moniker, unlike most who are usually referred to by color, so I don’t know if “Red” really qualifies as a name, since it’s a descriptor as well.


I’d venture to say that these sets may have captured the look of the game even better than the movie trailer we’ve seen so far — which ought to give fans hope that there’s plenty of good stuff we haven’t seen yet. That house set with Stella, above, looks just precarious enough to topple in the right way.

Best of all, with all LEGO being compatible across brands, think of the crossovers. I for one am going to use one of those slingshots to send LEGO Jar Jar right into the wall. Repeatedly.

Do these images make you more optimistic about the movie, or just anxious to buy more LEGO? And what if a green pig steals the Piece of Resistance and becomes the Special? You know the Bizness; tell us in comments what you think.


Image: LEGO

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