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Andy Dwyer Gets Transferred to JURASSIC PARKS AND RECREATION

Is there anything better than watching Andy Dwyer scoot around to the theme song of Parks and Recreation with his cavalry of raptor bros? OBVIOUSLY NOT, if you are a human with eyes and a song in your heart. Thankfully, this mash-up of the Jurassic World trailer and NBC’s Parks and Recreation has done just that. Guess we know what Andy was up to in the 3-year time jump between last season and the upcoming final one, eh? And for a moment the world was just and beautiful and happy.

Yes, let us repeat ourselves once more: Thanks Mom Productions have turned the trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World into a tale of two parks and the one man brave enough to do a job at both. Doing his best to embody the ethos of Burt Macklin 24/7/365, Andy Dwyer is transferred to a mysterious island to take over Parks Department duties while Bryce Dallas Howard titters around coming up with new, hybrid dinosaurs. When all of that goes haywire (because I mean, duh: of course it does), it is up to our lovable buffoon Andy to save the island, its inhabitants, and the genetically recreated ancient creatures programmed only to destroy because that’s how nature works, from themselves.

Thank goodness he had such an astute teacher in Leslie Knope.

Now the only question remains to be answered is: did Andy manage to smuggle a couple of his raptor bros back to Pawnee? Because that may be the only way the town would maaaaybe recover from the loss of Li’l Sebastian.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. El Roi says:

    “Jurassic Galaxy Is The Chris Pratt Movie Mashup I Never Knew I Wanted” 

    It’s been a pretty great year for Chris Pratt, and artist Tim Doyle has rounded it off perfectly with the ultimate Movie mashup poster combing the actor’s biggest role of 2014, and his biggest role (so far) of 2015: Behold, Jurassic Galaxy!

    Doyle shared the artwork via Twitter yesterday – see it in full below – and it’s certainly pretty damn amazing.

  2. Kyle Davis says:

    Which Parks and Rec character you should share a waffle with? Find out if it’s Andy here: 

  3. paul says:

    this was weak. why bother.

  4. That is one piss poor spoof