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And We Now Have a “Star Trek Into Darkness” Trailer

The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer is finally here and, wouldn’t you know, it looks damn good. We’re still not any clearer on who Benedict Cumberbatch is, though. Is he a rogue Starfleet Captain left to die on a desolate world come to wreak his revenge? Based on the extra footage in the Japanese trailer (below) that features an homage to The Wrath of Khan, he could be that titular character, or he could be some version of Sybock, since he does utter a line about family before flashing to the shot of Spock and someone’s hand (I can’t tell if that other hand is Cumberbatch or Kirk). Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter if he’s a classic character rebooted or if he’s a totally new villain with character traits from those classic Trek archetypes; we’re going to see this movie because it looks bad ass.

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  1. Jeff Mullen says:

    You say this is damn good? I say it’s damn stupid! I demand more information than some vague reference to revenge when I make my decisions as to whether a story is worth watching or not. I am VERY disappointed in this. Much bun, no beef. WHERE’S THE BEEF?

  2. AW says:

    The acting has been good, the story solid and everything looks crisp. In fact the only missing from the reboot is Star Trek…whatever this space saga is, it’s not Star Trek. There is no overarching philosophical challenge posed to the audience, no speaking to a future for mankind to aspire towards, just fluff and popcorn. In the end this reboot ends up totally forgettable, which is a shame. I really hope there is more Roddenberry and less JJ, otherwise just lose the franchise to gain opening night.

  3. Teague Dwyer says:

    Actually thinking about it a bit further… I believe Cumberbatch to be Gary Mitchell and the blonde to be Dr. Elizabeth Dehner.

  4. Teague Dwyer says:

    Carol Marcus (the mother of Kirk’s son in Wrath of Khan) was a doctor and a scientist. Both of those factions of Starfleet wear blue. While it was never stated that she worked in Starfleet, wouldn’t it make sense if that was to be how she and Kirk met?

  5. Marielle says:

    Nathaniel, I’m assuming the blonde is Nurse Chapel because of the blue uniform (Rand was red).

  6. John p says:

    Wow I think Nolan should definitely sue for copyright infringement.

  7. Chuck W. says:

    Teague, the sleeve looks green. Or that could be a trick of the light. But it still could be Spock is the one in trouble, we can’t really tell which side is the “distressed” side. But I see what you mean.

  8. Teague Dwyer says:

    Spock’s hand doesn’t appear to be the one in distress. I’ve long held that Pike will be killed in this one but really that could be anyone.

  9. Chuck W. says:

    WAIT!!! ARE THEY DOING THE SPOCK DIES THING?! Did anyone else see the two hands touching on either side of the containment glass? in the Japanese trailer. Ok, I’m in. Lets see how J.J. does this.

  10. Chuck W. says:

    I just hope that A. The Enterprise is not a plumbers nightmare, and 2. The lens flares will be at a minimum. Other then that looks like it could be cool.

  11. Amy Fran says:

    I got chills. And they are indeed multiplying.

  12. poiboy says:

    the enterprise crashing out of the sky into san fran harbour! woooow!

  13. Nathaniel H. says:

    Nice! I can’t wait! Hey, who’s the new blonde chick? Rand? Kirk’s baby-mama (don’t remember the character’s name) from the movies?

  14. shannon says:

    Hell yeah! The timbre of that mans voice! Cannot wait to see The Cumberbatch!!