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An Open Letter to Marvel’s GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

We’re all hooked on a feeling here at Nerdist News and judging by the box office numbers Guardians of the Galaxy pulled this weekend, you are too!

On today’s episode, Jessica Chobot‘s reading her open letter to Marvel thanking them for the flick, praising their risky choices, and warning them to learn the right lesson from it’s success! Please don’t suck, Ant-Man.

Enjoy today’s show, come on back for another tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below how you liked Guardians!

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  1. JT says:

    Great flick, saw it last night.  I think it achieved what it set out to do, which was introduce some relatively unknown (read:  not box office “safe”) Marvel characters and entertain the sh*t out of people.  Well done, Marvell Studios.

  2. Howard the Duck ?

    • mags says:

      cmon man, its a homage to Steve Gerber.  Steve brought the Guadians back off the shelf and made them the popular comic that they were in the 70s.

  3. Dang, did she take a shot at Man of Steel in the letter?

  4. John Fraser says:

    Fuckin A right on with that letter.  Hopefully going to see it this weekend.

  5. Find it interesting that Nathan Fillion turned down the talking waterfowl role for a lesser one for future consideration for a larger future Marvel role. Who wants to bet that the role that Nathan is gunning for is J’son of Spartax

  6. Tim says:

    I like to see a Rogue movie.Since they kind of gave her the shaft in all the xmen movies.

  7. Irondouche says:

    Yeah. Easily the best Marvel film to date. The biggest lessons that can be learned from it are that marvel films don’t have to incessantly contextualize themselves to make sense (In looking at you opening 20 mins of DoFP and IM3) and that even the most outlandish characters can be brought to life with heartfelt, intelligent dialogue. 

  8. Dana says:

    P.S. Marvel… female fronted movie asap

    • Irondouche says:

      Captain Marvel. It has to be. Surely.I mean they’ve set up the Kree now so all the pieces are in place.Let’s go.

  9. RedwoodCoast says:

    I AM GROOT!!!! –Best Marvel Film yet, except for X-men.   None of this would have happened without that landmark comic book style movie.  Here’s hoping Ant Man was a crazy man issue.

  10. Ryan Davies says:

    Im already sick of all the cosplayers cosplaying and making Rocket Raccoon cosplays… Like too many are doing it T,T too many!

  11. Marvel’s best movie to date.

  12. SPOILERS in this comment!
    As far as GOTG goes, I echo everything the snarky one-dimpled lady said. And I second the Ant-Man sentiment. But please, let’s not forget that Howard The Duck sucks. It was a funny cameo and a cool use of a useless character. But no, he doesn’t need his own movie. Remember what happened in the 80’s? No, let’s not.

    • slanted mofo says:

      So because it wasn’t good i one decade means it can’t be good today?  Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man, judge Dredd, and several others disagree with your logic.

    • coal tiger says:

      that cameo was meant to be a goof..the real cameo that you should REALLY hope that pays off is Adam Warlock’s empty Cocoon in that after credits scene behind him…

  13. miguel says:

    “warning them to learn the right lesson from it’s success!”   You mean “its success!”

  14. “Star Wars? What’s that?” say thousands of new GotG fans… 🙂

  15. What would I like to see in a sequel? Cosmo as the head of security of Knowhere! For example, the GotG arrive, surrprised by how organized Knowhere has become since they last were there, then suddenly are instructed to report to the head of security, they get worried, and… it’s “…a DOG?” Which is when Cosmo promptly speaks and demonstrates his telekinesis and psychic powers, which he used to pacify Knowhere… And I’d love to see Mantis and Adam Warlock, of course. Here’s hoping they get together with the Avengers as the plan seems to suggest, for one big free-for-all with Thanos!

  16. larry says:

    If you haven’t seen this movie something is wrong with you see a psychiatrist immediately

  17. kerrell says:

    Saw guardians yesterday and was blown away.It looked amazing in Imax 3D, this movie is so good it’s literally 2 hours of sheer interstellar epicness!

  18. If someone does not make a dancing “Groot in a pot” then my faith in the interwebs will be crushed. Seriously, that’s a marketing fail if that isn’t a thing by the end of the week. Also loved the movie.

  19. Guardians of the Galaxy was the best of the Marvel Universe movies: Excellent mix of humor, action and effects. It amazes me that they made me believe in a gun-toting, plan-making, leg-stealing wise-ass talking raccoon. Well done!

  20. Jb says:

    Umm …by “letter” I’m guessing you mean video?

  21. Dammit Dan Casey, I really think you’re great.