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An Artist Combined POKÉMON and GARFIELD to Create Garfémon

An Artist Combined POKÉMON and GARFIELD to Create Garfémon

As far as the games go, food isn’t an extremely critical part of the Pokémon universe. Sure, they get to eat berries, but what’s a Pokémon got to do to get some lasagna? That’s probably what all the creatures from Garfémon, a new series of illustrations from artist Shawn Bowers, are asking.

Garfémon combines two things that both have no reason to be put together and feel like they truly belong with each other: Pokémon, and our favorite fat cat, Garfield. Bowers is working through Garfield-izing the original 151 right now, and when all’s said and done, the project’s website will be a complete numerically-ordered Pokédex of orange, striped, feline, rotund Pokémon.

In the meantime’s he’s posting them on Instagram, complete with Pokédex descriptions. For example, Garfakazam: “This Garfemon has PSYCHIC POWERS that allow it to take over the minds of any Odies or Jons in its vicinity. It can eat double the lasagna of a normal Garfemon because it owns TWO FORKS.”

In the FAQ on the project’s website, he said that when he’s done all 151, he’d like to release the illustrations as a T-shirt, “because I will need some kind of paper or cloth for them to wrap my body in as its lowered slowly into the ground.”

Check out some of our favorite Garfémon below, and keep up with them as they’re released on Bowers’ Instagram.

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Images: Shawn Bowers

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