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Amy Jo Johnson Sang in Toronto Dressed as the Pink Power Ranger This Weekend

Few Mighty Morphin Power Rangers alums have had as established a post-show career like that of Amy Jo Johnson. From Felicity to her award-nominated role on the acclaimed CTV/CBS series Flashpoint, the bow and arrow-wielding lady (no, Katniss was not the first to make archery cool) once known only by the name Kimberly Hart has grown into one heck of an artist. But acting isn’t the only area in which Johnson thrives; she’s also a highly accomplished musician and is now looking to expand her talents one step further into directing.

Since concluding her work on Flashpoint, the former teenager with attitude has taken to short-filmmaking in order to expand her skill set to eventually direct her first future. Now with her story chosen, the actress has spent the last few weeks campaigning fans for funding on The Space Between. But she wasn’t alone in the campaign fun as two of her fellow rangers, Jason David Frank (Tommy) and David Yost (Billy), stepped in with challenges of their own, and one of them was a doozy.

Before the film crossed its funding goal, Yost called for Johnson to put her performing skills to the test by holding a show dressed in a pink ranger outfit suit should the funding goal be met, something the actress hasn’t done publically since leaving the series in 1995 (remember, she didn’t suit up for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie). Well, once the call was issued, the fans came in droves to make it happen, and now it’s time for Ms. Hart to pay up, which she did this past Friday.

Whatever magical sorcery Rita Repulsa pulled to make this happen, we certainly applaud it as this is fan service done right. With age, it appears Johnson has starting to come around to the matured fandom of 90s past that now attends the likes of San Diego Comic-Con dressed as the character she helps make a global phenomenon. Hell, even Batman agreed the performance was kick-ass, and you really can’t beat a Batman stamp of approval.

There are few better ways to close out a weekend than knowing this happened. Now if only we could challenge her and the rest of the cast of confirm some involvement – even if it’s just cameos – in the upcoming reboot film, that would give us a reason to polish our power coins… oh who are we kidding? They’re always polished.

Photos: Imgur user MarcLevy

Video: YouTube user Joe Thornington

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  1. If Amy Jo and JDF cameo-d in the reboot as a married couple with five kids, I would have closure for the majority of my childhood angst.

  2. timchipp says:

    She even has the blaster gun, that’s fantastic.

  3. Matt says:

    The suit Amy Jo is wearing is courtesy of the Toronto’s Power Rangers own Pink Ranger, Tamera Tychansky.
    As for that Batman, Nerdist, that is Toronto Batman aka. Alex Brovodani. That dude has more sexual assault charges, bans from conventions, and has been beaten up for his digusting behavior in an out the suit than any other person in the entire Toronto area. Seriously, look up Toronto Batman and see for yourself. The dude even sexually harrassed my own, he attacked my best friend (and was subsequently KO’d for it) all because he gave him a compliment and he was “staying in character”, he charges people 5 bucks just to take a photo with him, etc etc.
    And Amy Jo? She wanted to maul him as well for his rude pop up. Said best friend works in TV and was with her on set the next day.

    • Lia says:

      He doesn’t charge for photos. Certainly has a ‘unique’ personality but seeing as I know with 100 percent certainty that detail is incorrect I therefore have to doubt the validity of all your other claims. 

    • Aaron says:

      Matt Robert Mackenzie. 

  4. tcbinla says:

    I love that she did this! Also, could you please proofread and edit your stories, there are typos in the last paragraph. Thanks, remember you are writing for nerds.

  5. Orionsangel says:

    Go Go Pink Ranger!