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Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for American Horror Story: Roanoke. Proceed with caution if you have not watched yet. 

Oh boy! After throwing fans for a loop with the Big Brother-style reality show, American Horror Story: Roanoke is well on its way to staying true to the promise that by the end of the show, only one person would be left standing. With several big players crossed off our lists this week, the spotlight has been directed to four surviving characters. Based on everything we’ve seen so far, the survivor could be anyone, though our bets are on Lee. There was a lot to digest list week, so let’s get started.

Last week, we finally got a formal introduction to Cheyenne Jackson’s character Sidney, the creative mind behind the fictional Roanoke stories. Like Evan Peters, however, Jackson’s character was killed almost immediately. After enjoying watching events unfold on video, Sid went outside to investigate a scream. Soon after finding the dead body of his assistant, Sid was brutally murdered by The Butcher (a.k.a actress who went nuts after taking the role).

Of course, those two weren’t the only victims this week. In between video confessionals, and planning their next move, Bates’ Agnes/Butcher hybrid also set her sights on Shelby (Lily Rabe). After revealing how upset she was about Matt and Dominic’s spat, Shelby was attacked by the butcher. Luckily, the group came to her rescue and bandaged her up after Dom beat the Butcher up. With experience as a theatrical nurse, Audrey had Shelby patched up in a jiffy. Agnes took advantage of the opportunity to escape and plan her next move.


It’s at this point that the group decided to split up. Lee (Adina Porter), Monet (Angela Bassett), and Audrey took to a secret exit out of the house while Shelby, Matt, and Dominic remained at the house. As expected, things went from bad to worse for both groups. Despite seeming like they were on the right track to redemption, Shelby and Matt’s love story came to an end when Matt got up in the middle of the night to reunite with his love, Scathach (a.k.a. The First Supreme character previously played by Lady Gaga).

Unable to accept the fact that her estranged husband came back to the house for the wood witch, Shelby took it upon herself to whack both Scathach and Matt with a crowbar. Matt’s violent death at the hands of his devoted ex was completely surprising. Following the excitement, Dom tried to comfort her by telling her the best thing to do would be to admit guilt since there were cameras rigged all over the house.

Meanwhile, the other trio ran into trouble on their way out of the house, Down in the tunnels, they met who I’m assuming is the real Edward Philippe Mott. He was far less (like faaaaaar, far, less) charming than his Peters counterpart, and made monstrous hissing/zombie sounds in their direction. Despite shooting it four times, the mystery being didn’t want to back down. Once outside, the group decided to hunt for Sidney’s trailer so that they could demand answers about what’s going on.


After finding the trailer, along with Sid’s mutilated body, the group bumped into Agnes/The Butcher, who was on the hunt for her next victim. Luckily, Lee had a firearm on hand and was able to shoot The Butcher several times. Just when they thought they were safe, the real-life Polks showed up and captured them. From that moment on, things got really REALLY twisted; the hillbillies tied Lee to a chair, then proceeded to season and tenderize her thigh. After the gruesome mutilation, the Polks tried to force Monet and Audrey to consume parts they’d cut off of Lee.

To cap the episode, Agnes attempted to storm the house with fiery threats. Despite making it this far after being shot and beaten, the character finally met her end when the real butcher showed up and sliced her head in two using a massive butcher’s knife. The real story of Roanoke is coming to life, and already much scarier than past seasons of the show.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think will make it to the end? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Facebook, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka.

Images: FX

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