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This post contains spoilers for American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare. Read at your own risk if you haven’t watched yet.

After months of keeping fans in the dark, the theme of American Horror Story‘s sixth season was finally revealed last week. This time around, show runners are putting their own spin on the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke Colony with My Roanoke Nightmare. The docudrama style of the series was another surprise, and one that people either love or hate. I happen to be in the former camp of people because it finally feels like the creators are trying something new. Whichever way you lean, there’s also a chance that they’ll break the structure soon, based on the teaser for next week’s episode. But I digress. This week’s episode shed light on what might actually be going on in the house, and the surrounding woods, so let’s get to it.

Kathy Bates AHS

At the beginning of the episode, we found Shelby right where we left her at the end of the premiere: in the woods, clearly freaked out by the mysterious people, notably Kathy Bates’ still unnamed character. I don’t blame her; some of them were missing half their heads. Things kicked up a notch when she witnessed the community chanting some weird spell around a pig they’d just sacrificed. As expected, she dipped and ran back to the house. As in last week’s episode, Matt was skeptical that Shelby had really seen the cult in the woods. His opinion was reaffirmed when the police said they’d found no trace of the activity.

With all this going on (not to mention witnessing it herself in the basement with Shelby last week), Lee decided to have her daughter Flora stay with them in the house. But as children will do, Flora quickly made herself at home by innocently talking to a ghost. According to Flora, her new friend Priscilla told her that she would make her a bonnet, and that she wanted to make all the blood stop. Yep, totally normal kid stuff. Nothing to see here.

When Flora’s father came to pick her up, she decided to play a game of surprise hide-and-seek, which usually involves hiding until someone notices she’s gone. Suffice it to say, the search didn’t end well. When they finally found her, she was in the midst of trading her doll to Priscilla so the ghost wouldn’t kill her entire family (NBD). Flora’s father wasn’t the biggest fan of this, and told Lee he was going to get a judge involved to take custody rights away from her.

AHS My Roanoke Nightmare

When Shelby and Matt found Lee next, she’d already fully fallen off the wagon and plunged into depression (and a couple of liquor bottles). While preparing to lead her off to bed, they noticed a group of knives stuck in the ceiling. Lee claimed it wasn’t her, and Matt chocked it up to people doing strange things when they’re under the influence. After he left her in bed, Matt went to see what Shelby wanted in the kitchen. As soon as he was gone, the two nurses Matt and Shelby had been seeing in the house stood over her body. But considering Lee is still alive in the interview portion, it wasn’t surprising that the ghosts didn’t decide to kill her on the spot.

Shelby and Matt are sure the hillbilly neighbors are responsible for all of the activity. So of course, they decide they don’t want to let them win. When Shelby noticed a strange woman out on front of the house, she called Matt to confirm what she was seeing was real. When Matt said he saw it too, the pair descended into a bunker they recently discovered. When they arrived, they discovered that it looked like someone had been living there.

When the group found a VHS tape, they put it in and learned more about the house. Apparently two nurses (who had killed two people at an Elderly Living center) decided to open their own clinic. Instead of actually treating patients, however, the facility was used as a the setting for their vicious murders—one of which Matt witnessed a ghostly reenactment of earlier in the episode. They preyed on elderly people whose family didn’t want to care for them anymore. Aside from that, the sibling nuns goal was to kill people with names that start with the letters of their favorite word: “Murder”. However, they never finished the word because they were taken out by a force even stronger than them. They’ve haunted the home ever since.

My Roanoke Nightmare

They learned all of this information from one of the house’s previous owners, Elias Cunningham (Dennis O’Hare), a professor who had been using the camera to film his video logs. When he lived there during the 90’s, the activity in the house got so bad (and violent) that he was too afraid to enter the house again. Understandably infuriated by the discovery, the couple reached out to their real estate agent to ask why they never told them about all of the trouble the house had regarding the nurses. Unfortunately, the only answer they got was that they’re out of luck, and won’t be able to get their money back.

To make matters worse, Lee, still distraught by her ex-husband’s decision to get the court involved, decided to kidnap her own daughter. Good one, Lee. Though Shelby was able to calm Lee’s ex down enough to leave the cops out of the ordeal, Flora ended up disappearing again. This time, she was lured outside by the mysterious child ghost, Priscilla. The episode ended with the group finding Flora’s jacket several hundred feet up in a tree.

What did you think of the episode?  Do you like the new style? Let us know below, join the conversation on Facebook. or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka.

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