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After Mr. March hosted his annual Devil’s Night soiree, things quieted down a bit at the hotel Cortez for this week’s episode, ‘Room Service.’ Well, a newly turned Iris did gut a pretty rude couple, but the rest of the action happened elsewhere. On this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel, Alex inadvertently caused a school outbreak/massacre, Donovan and Ramona came up with a plan to hurt The Countess, and Liz bonded with Iris by finally telling his backstory.

AHS Hotel Alex

Over the course of the season, Hotel has slowly been adding new vampires to the show. As of right now, the list of folks with the virus includes: The Countess, Donovan, Tristan, Iris, Alex, Ramona, Holden, and the rest of the children. It wasn’t until this week, that we saw a group of them transform all at once. After The Countess turned Alex, she tried to go about her daily doctor business, but with the measles patient (named Max) she’s been treating in critical condition, she ended up turning him. Aside from saving a child’s life, I’m not sure what she was thinking. Sure he’s “alive” but he’d need to feed eventually, which didn’t bode well for his parents.

Although it didn’t come as a surprise that Max offed his parents before heading off to school, the outbreak/massacre that followed was pretty shocking. What started out as an innocent bite on his girlfriend’s lip, turned into the young vamp changing every kid in the joint, and telling them to murder the teachers, principal and staff. Once the cops and media showed up to investigate, all of the children told the same story, stating that it was a man in a mask that caused the tragedy. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t thrilled by this section of the episode. I think it was in poor taste on the showrunners’ part, especially with school massacres and shootings being such a hot topic right now. But, I digress.

AHS Hotel Iris Gif

As for Iris’s new adventures as a blood-sucker, well, she got off to a bloody start. Prior to that, Donovan took her to Ramona’s massive home, and explained that she’d make the perfect “inside man” because The Countess never notices her. On top of her apparent invisibility, Iris really struggled with her immortality this week, and found solace in Liz, who finally explained his backstory. According to the flashback, he was married to a woman once, but ended up leaving his family, once he truly embraced who he was–all thanks to the Countess’ help.

After bonding a bit, Iris–who had been dealing with an annoyingly needy couple all night–decided to take matters into her own hands and personally bring them the room service they’d ordered. Instead of Pate and grilled romaine, however, she ended up bringing cat food and a double helping of murder. They’d been pestering her all night, so it wasn’t really a surprise to see her give in and gut them. In fact, it was exciting to see her finally learning to live from beyond the grave.

AHS Hotel Lowe Gif

Detective Lowe on the other hand, didn’t get much screen time this week. Following the events the Devil’s Night party last weekend, John apparently made a report, explaining the events that unfolded. But, seeing as the names he listed included several famous serial killers who had been long since dead, his boss doesn’t believe him, and takes the relieve him from the force.

On top of that, he also had trouble remembering what happened between himself and Sally after he woke up with her in his bed. According to her, John all but dragged her up there after having a couple of drinks at the bar. Although his memory issues could merely be a result of the liquor, I have a feeling that it might suggest a deeper issue. Let’s take a second to remember that he was personally invited by Mr. March to come to the serial killer’s dinner last week. We’re barely beginning to understand Lowe, so hopefully it isn’t long before all of the pieces start fitting together.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: FX

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