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After a week with no episode, I am beyond happy to get the next installment in what is my current favorite show on television. As the season ramps up and everyone decides they want to kill Fiona, a few questions are left lingering.

-Just who is the new supreme?

-How will Fiona’s affair with the Axeman end?

-Will the Coven survive a war with… everyone?

-Who got Spalding’s dolls?

The answers to all these and more (hopefully), in another edition of the American Horror Story: Coven Recap!

American Horror Story: Coven. Episode 8 “The Sacred Taking”

Part 1: Have a Heart


We open as Queenie descends a tall flight of steps in an industrial looking section of town and starts strolling through what is seemingly a homeless encampment; nice way to spend an evening. Before long, Queenie is attacked by an oddly “eager to attack a random stranger” homeless man, and defends herself with the classic “piece of wood with nails stuck into it”. We get it; Queenie is a bad-ass now (and, if we remember last episode, a bad guy, to boot). Suddenly, Madison and Zoe emerge to try to talk their wayward friend back into the Coven, but Queenie is happy with her newly appointed voodoo-queen-in-training status, and her new friendship with Marie Laveau. Queenie tells her ex-friends such, as she removes the still beating heart of the man she just murdered. “There’s a war coming; and you’re going to lose”. Witches vs. Voodoo Priestesses! THIS SHOW!!!

Part 2: Stuff is Going Down


We join our “hero” Fiona as she enjoys (hardly) some breakfast in bed and then some struggling to be alive, while treating us with a narration to the effect of “I have cancer, and it sucks.” Our supreme is sick, and only getting worse as the days go on (her looming death does not faze her daughter Cordelia, as we see in a clever flashback); she seeks solace in the Axeman, which is a bad idea because he’s like… the Axeman, and stuff. We flash to the post-coital lovers as they discuss a potential life together, and all that would mean (namely, Fiona’s impending death). Fiona once again alludes to the fact that the reason her cancer is so aggressive is that one of the ladies of the Coven is becoming the supreme, a little more each day, and Fiona intends to put a stop to that.

Next door to Hogwitches, Jesus (the Coven’s young and religious next-door-neighbor) is getting his zombie induced wounds cleaned out by his zealot of a mother.  Then “Mom” accuses her boy of being unclean “both inside and out”, and decides a good old fashioned religious enema is in order. Geez. At Hogwitches, Nan tries to alert the ladies of her boy toy’s predicament, but Coredlia is all like, “sit down”, and Cordelia is freaky now, so the gals all listen. Cordelia starts discussing her “battle plan” (which is very heavy on the “let’s kill my mom factor”) when the doorbell rings; Zoe answers it to reveal a worried and frazzled Misty, begging for a safe place to stay.

In a flashback, we see Misty laying in bed when a newly resurrected and still muddy Myrtle Snow makes her triumphant return. Myrtle warns Misty of a gunman in the woods, and the two leave just in time to miss who we can only assume to be Murder-Husband bust into Misty’s shack, shotgun “singing”. Back at Hogwitches, Cordelia offers Misty the protection of the Coven, but Misty wants to know if her friend in the green-house is okay to hang as well. The ladies head out back where Cordelia and Myrtle have a friendly reunion, and where Myrtle declares Misty the obvious choice for the next supreme. Oh, snap!

Part 3: The Sacred Taking


Zoe is teaching FrankenPeters how to read (adorable) when Madison comes in and reminds us of the trio’s “unique” relationship. Downstairs, the Coven (plus Misty and Myrtle) are putting on weird outfits to perform a rite called “The Sacred Taking,” the ceremony used to appoint a new supreme. The girls all argue about which of them is “really” the candidate, while Misty starts to get cold feet regarding the whole “her being the new queen of all witches thing”. The ladies don veils and lock hands, as we get a flashback and back story of the “sacred taking”, something that has only been done three times in the Coven’s long history. The rite will take the life of the current supreme and endow the power unto the next one; but first, the gang is gonna need Fiona’s “cooperation”.

We cut to the current supreme, throwing up and starting to look progressively worse for the wear, when the tones of “Season of the Witch” starts playing and we all get a good chuckle. Fiona emerges from her bathroom to find Madison very alive, and the young lady explains that she is the new supreme, everyone knows Fiona killed her, and that the Coven has burnin’ plans for their glorious leader. Fiona is freaked, and Madison is like “instead of burning… you could be a doll and just kill yourself!” Madison leaves and Fiona runs to pack a bag, when she is visited by spirit #2, the freshly resurrected Myrtle Snow. Myrtle basically gives Fiona the same choices, but the supreme starts crying about how she loves the Axeman; Myrtle is less than moved. We get flashes of a dying Fiona being abandoned by the Axeman. Fiona is a sad panda.

Back downstairs, and the Coven is discussing how the evening’s activities worked out. The ladies bicker, causing Nan to get upset and exit the house, but not before we get a glimpse of a waiting Murder Husband. Nan heads next door to the Jesus house, but finds her boyfriend tied up in a closet. Back at Hogwitches, Myrtle continues to drive that nail even deeper into the psyche of the cancer-stricken Fiona. The two ladies share some memories while Fiona makes like she is packing up to leave (or kill herself), but the conversation comes to a close when Fiona takes a handful of pills and lies down in bed for what seems to be her final rest.

Part 4: Getting Chatty


… until, she is woken by a voice in her room; the voice belonging to the now dead Spalding. The former house-man tells Fiona that the Coven murdered him, and that the ladies have a plan for her removal as well. Spalding tells all, convinces the supreme to keep fighting, and gives Fiona the medicine she needs to throw up the pills. Fiona is alive… and pissed. Across town at Marie’s, Queenie pays a visit to the imprisoned Delphine/MMB/Kathy Bates, and comes with fast food in tow. MMB pleads with her former friend to let her out, if only for a moment, until interrupted by Marie. Marie and MMB yell at each other for a minute. but MMB is unfazed by Marie’s taunts, since she can’t be killed. Marie responds by SEVERING MMB’s HAND with a knife!!!

Meanwhile, Nan and Jesus try to escape from the “Religious” house-hold, but are confronted by Jesus’ mom, who calls the police on Nan. Just when Mommy’s threats get ugly, she is SUDDENLY SHOT THROUGH THE CHEST by an unseen gunman! The same gunman attempts to kill Nan, but Jesus throws himself in front of the bullet. Ugh, Murder-Husband. You’re the worst!

At HogWitches, the Coven gathers to listen to Myrtle play piano, because they apparently don’t have TVs. The ladies discuss the evening’s events, until Fiona enters the room, looking very-not-dead, and wanting to meet Misty. Next-door, and Jesus is being led out on a stretcher while Nan (and Misty) watch. Misty isn’t alone for long, as Fiona makes an appearance and introduces herself to the would-be supreme. Fiona tells Misty to use her “talent” by resurrecting Jesus’ dead mom. Outside the homes, police line the block, as the Coven waits eagerly. Back inside, Misty is doing her “swamp-witch” thing on Jesus’ mom, and succeeds; while at the same time Cordelia gets a flash that her Murder-Husband was the shooter.

FrankenPeters is still learning to speak-and-spell, when Zoe enters, freaked out about the evening’s festivities. Kyle (FrankenPeters) suddenly speaks for the first time, professing his love for Zoe. Oh, sweet! Madison overhears this and is less than thrilled.

It’s the next morning and Fiona joins her daughter in the kitchen, where the two gals discuss how they want to murder each other. Cordelia reveals the blessed silver bullet she found the night before, but the conversation is cut short by a doorbell and the delivery of an over-sized package. Fiona goes to the front door and opens the box, to find the severed but still moving head of Delphine/MMB.


Final Thoughts:

Can it be next week, now-please?!?!?

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