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AMA Recap: Cake Or Death? Eddie Izzard Invades Reddit

Eddie Izzard took his Force Majeure tour in-house to the lovely community of Reddit Tuesday. As you can imagine, there were no shortage of “cake or death” questions thrown his way, but we also found out a little more about Mystery Men, his running for Mayor of London in 2020, and his thoughts on transvestism. All of that and more on today’s AMA Recap:

Eddie Izzard’s thoughts on collaborating with Monty Python for a reunion tour.

His thoughts on Mystery Men being deemed a “disaster.”

The best thing that ever happened to him at a gig.

His comedic inspirations.

Izzard in 6″ pumps vs Lady Gaga in 3″ pumps in a death match. Who wins?

His upcoming role in Castles in the Sky and favorite moment filming Shadow of the Vampire.

His favorite part about translating his show.

The biggest misconception about his transvestism.

His advice for aspiring marathon runners.

His thoughts on laws regarding alternative sexualities

His favorite anecdote from Force Majeure.

Tracking down his DNA history.

Ben Stiller’s aroma on while filming Mystery Men.

Changes he would make as Mayor of London.

His book you should read before you die

His thoughts on the UK school system, education, and learning languages.

His most underrated work, actor he would transform into if possible, and most desired deceased person to see on Twitter

And, of course: 100 caked-sized deaths or 1 death-sized cake?





A man of the people, that Eddie Izzard is. He definitely looks in good shape for his campaign run in several years. Of course, we’re just fortunate to have had him on the podcast and witnessed his insightful conversations about Dick before he had to shape up to run for office. Best of luck to you in six years, Mr. Izzard.

HT: Reddit

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