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Alison Brie Raps: The Complete History (So Far)

Would you say that all of those outtakes and other clips in which Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie raps, sometimes profanely so, are pretty amusing/adorable? Yup. And now, someone (YouTube user DoggiCorner) has assembled a supercut of all of those videos. It’s two-and-a-half minutes of Annie hip-hoppery. And NSFW for language, of course.

And then there’s Tzachi B.’s remix of the little clip of Alison and Yvette Nicole Brown:

You’re smiling. I can see you.

HT: New York Magazine’s Vulture

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  1. Ian Boothby says:

    All right internet, you win this round.

  2. Jeff says:

    I love her. Seriously. I would marry her tomorrow.

  3. Abby says: