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Aliens Might be Angling for Anchor Babies in the First EXTANT Trailer

Are we living in the realm of spooky womb TV? NBC has got Rosemary’s Baby on the way, providing us with Zoe Saldana fearing her gut full of (spoiler) anti-Christ. And then there’s the upcoming CBS series Extant, starring Halle Berry as an astronaut who left on a solo mission but came back pregnant with… a mystery.

EW debuted this first promo for the Stephen Spielberg-produced series, which kicks off in July.

What’s in her tummy? Alien baby? Satan alien baby? Government experiment… alien baby? We’ll have to wait until July 9th on CBS to find out.

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  1. flappy corn says:

    She goes to space and what does she bring back with her?

    A baby….
    While I’m still waiting for the formula that will keep my cornflakes crunchy? If not is space, where will you find it?


    (besides – it’s pretty obvious that she took the baby with her into space right? I mean “they” put it there to see if it will grow or incubate. Maybe it’s a governemt experiment maybe it’s an old alien thingy they found, I dunno… Hey CBS Guy/Lady, looks like you gotta rewrite your script now eh? But I tell you this: I’ll delete this post IF – you get me the damn formula!)

  2. pablocabron says:

    Hahahahaha ^ this comment 🙂

  3. HisDivineShadow says:

    Lots of people complain about “offensive” words.

    Lots of cunts.

  4. Mike says:

    Really, you’re going to use “Anchor baby” in a headline? It’s commonly seen as offensive, insensitive at best.