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ALIEN: COVENANT Prologue Gives PROMETHEUS Some Closure

ALIEN: COVENANT Prologue Gives PROMETHEUS Some Closure

Aside from the general “Oooh, Ridley Scott‘s doing another Alien movie!” reaction after we first heard about Alien: Covenant, our next was a lot of speculation about how this movie would tie-in to the previous movie, Prometheus, since that one pretty much ended on the mother of all cliffhangers–with Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and the android head of David (Michael Fassbender) flying in an Engineer’s ship, back to the Engineers’ homeworld, ready to find out where humans came from. The Covenant trailers didn’t make anything clear, however, and looked disconnected, but a new prologue has given us two minutes of “Ohhhhhhh!”

Holy cats, SO MUCH happens in this 120 seconds–titled The Crossing–that we’re surprised this isn’t the whole movie. David narrates how Dr. Shaw, bestowing on him a kindness he never got from the rather evil Weyland, reattached his head to his body as the ship made its way to wherever the Engineers are from. (Paradise or whatever, right?) David conveniently downplays how it was pretty much his fault that all the bad crap happened to the crew of the Prometheus in the first place, but he later puts Shaw into suspended animation again and we see gorgeous shots of the ring ship arriving on the planet and reconnecting with the larger ring ship, and boy howdy does it seems like Alien: Covenant might give us more answers than we thought.


I have to admit, I was pretty disinterested in Covenant, but if there’s any kind of connective tissue with the (deeply flawed by enjoyable) Prometheus, that and the visuals might be enough to get me jazzed again. We didn’t know if Rapace would even be in the movie, but she surely wouldn’t have come out to film a two-minute thing that isn’t even in the movie, right? And, hey, we got Danny McBride and proper Xenomorphs to look forward to, so what else could we really need?

Let me know your thoughts on Alien: Covenant‘s relationship to Prometheus in the comments below!

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