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AGENT CARTER Producers Tease DOCTOR STRANGE Connection, Whitney Frost Inspiration

This week, Agent Carter is returning to ABC for its second season, with Hayley Atwell bringing back Peggy Carter for further superheroic adventures through post-World War II America. The new storyline is set in Los Angeles during 1947, and there are going to be some links to Marvel Studios’ upcoming Doctor Strange film.

During an Agent Carter set visit, executive producers Michelle Fazekas, Chris Dingess, and Tara Butters elaborated on the series’ use of the Darkforce, which will be called “zero matter” in this show. Fazekas told IGN, “They don’t know what it is. It’s 1947. They don’t call it Darkforce…We actually got a physicist, a real life physicist to come in and try give us a, so, if Darkforce was a real thing. How would that happen?”

While the Darkforce will be an important part of the Doctor Strange film, even the Agent Carter producers don’t know all of the details. They just know enough to make sure that its depiction is consistent between the film and the Agent Carter TV series.

“All we know is, we’ll write something and just hear, ‘It doesn’t conflict with the Doctor Strange script,’” related Fazekas. “And we’re like, ‘Score!’ We had a really funny conversation with Eric Carroll who’s over at Marvel Films…We asked, ‘Can we have this thing and destroy it?’ And he said, ‘Well, you know, you guys are sort of the custodians of this particular character.’ And we’re like, ‘thanks!’”

Whitney Frost

Wynn Everett as Whitney Frost in Agent Carter season 2

One of the major additions this season is Wynn Everett’s Whitney Frost, who comic book fans know as the villainess Madame Masque. Fazekas cited Hedy Lamarr as the primary inspiration for their take on Frost. Lamarr was a classic Hollywood starlet who was also a brilliant inventor and the co-creator of spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology, which led to modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tech.

“We sort of fashioned Whitney Frost after [Lamarr],” explained Fazekas. “And so we have these two women [Peggy and Whitney] who are smart and strong and ended up in very different places in their life. So a lot of what Whitney Frost goes through as an actress and as somebody who’s sort of hiding her genius, in part because society says, well, no one cares about how smart you are. They care about this.”

To check out the complete IGN set report, click on this link.

Agent Carter season 2 will begin on Tuesday, January 19 on ABC.

Are you excited to see Whitney Frost and the Darkforce figure into Agent Carter’s new storyline? Let us know in the comment section below!



Image Credit: ABC/Marvel TV

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