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After More Than a Year, a New FINAL FANTASY XV Trailer Has Arrived

The first megaton face-melting moment of Tokyo Game Show 2014 is upon us, as the first Final Fantasy XV trailer since E3 2013 has dropped today. It is a thing of beauty, and sure to generate a plethora of questions about the game – most of them concerning the what seems to be the new combat system. But enough with the small talk, dive into the trailer below and we’ll be on the other side to discuss what you just saw:

Okay, so are we in agreement when I say that Final Fantasy combat systems are the most important part of the series outside of the stories? As beautiful and majestic as the visuals appear to be in the trailer, the thing that stuck out the most to me was what seemed to be a real-time combat system, similar to that of Kingdom Hearts and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Perhaps this is Square Enix taking another crack at adapting Final Fantasy to a wider Western audience? We knew Final Fantasy Versus XIII was supposed to include a real-time combat system, and since XV is basically the embodiment of Versus XIII, chances are that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. But of course, this is all speculative and there’s nothing official on what the combat system will be in the final version. That being said, my fingers are crossed for Square Enix taking the real-time route.

Another important thing worth noting: series veteran Tetsuya Nomura will not be directing Final Fantasy XV. Instead Nomura will be giving his full attention to the upcoming titles such as Kingdom Hearts III, while Hajime Tabata (of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD fame) will be taking the helm on this one. Still no word on a release date for the game, but we’ll be sleuthing about for the remainder of the Tokyo Game Show for any details we can get our hands on.

What did you think of the Final Fantasy XV trailer? Limit break your thoughts into the comments below.

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  1. Courgy says:

    Even though I still turn to FFIX and VI frequently, loving the turn-based system, I’m not sure I’d enjoy that combat without the nostalgia goggles. 
    So yeah, I’d be down for real-time combat, it looks like it’ll be the first FF I’d actually be interested in since X2

  2. Razor says:

    I haven’t liked Final Fantasy since VIII… I miss the old school games, but I will still give this game a shot as its still a Final Fantasy game.

  3. @T_Magus666 says:

    Looks great. Can’t wait.

  4. Ray says:

    Who wrote this article? What do you mean we can’t be sure about the combat system? Yes we can. It is real time fighting similar to kingdom hearts. That has been confirmed for YEARS! 

  5. Azureborn says:

    FF is about the story telling first and foremost.  Combat style is not what has made these games.  All of you must be thinking of Dragon Warrior.   If it is truly FF the story will make you forget about how the combat is working.

  6. It looks amazing, but I’ve never liked any of the real time final fantasy games.  I miss the days before Enix.   I wish they would go back to turn based.

  7. Hoss says:

    Turn based RPG’s are the bane of my existence when it comes to  videogames.  I’ll give this a go, if only to finally play an FF game.

  8. Rob W says:

    So Dark…

  9. Final Fantasy is my favorite game franchise. If this is going to be real-time combat (which it does look like), then it won’t get much play in my house. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I loved turn-based play, and that’s why I’ve always enjoyed FF. I really hope they don’t go real-time.

    • gek0 says:

      Is everyone forgetting about Final Fantasy XII?

    • B-RAd says:

      I’m with you. Prefer the turn based myself.

    • beast from the east says:

      I loved the turn based games. Think out the stategy and dominate the enemies.

    • Grace says:

      Turn-based is the way to go for me as well. That and the old-school FF storytelling and character development made me fall in love with this franchise. Stunning graphics are nice, but I’d take a more complex story-line and fleshed-out characters over that any day.

  10. Kevin Lopes says:


  11. Nereus77 says:

    If that’s the kind of gameplay we would be getting and it comes to PC, I’d give it a go.

  12. Deetles says:

    ONly been waiting since 2006….. this has been the first final fantasy game to get my attention and of course it’s the one taking 8 years to release.

  13. Shawn Lo says:

    Looks like Skyrim with mods.

  14. IsiMari says:

    I’m hoping this is an MMO and you can make your own characters

    • James O'Rell says:

      Nope, this is an actual Final Fantasy, i.e. not an MMO.  The MMOs really shouldn’t have been given numbers, it’s confusing.  So you play as one of these guys.  If you ever wanted to play a game where you get to act out dreams of being part of a K-Pop boy band, this is the game for you!

  15. James O'Rell says:

    Just not digging the whole ‘road trip’ bromanace thing.  It looks like it a cool game that I’m just not that into.

  16. Bambooblader says:

    GTA has really gone down hill.

  17. Robbi says:

    So, what I’m getting from this trailer is that some J-pop/Visual kei band is on a road trip and they end up fighting monsters. Then they better be quick about it because one the their girlfriends has to tell them something or give them something that can’t be done with mail or a courier. All the while they’re using the dash power from KH:358/2D because their car broke down and they don’t have access to phones…

  18. elletra says:

    They look like a yakuza boy band

  19. TheDWProfessor says:

    Real-time combat means it’s not a FF game; it’s Kingdom Hearts or any other action game. It has the possibility of being great, but FF needs to get back to its roots!

  20. Shadow says:

    Big swords and one hairstyle, it must be a FF.
    That being said, this is gorgeous. I’m definitely looking forward to it’s release.