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Adventures at CES: Look, New “Pacific Rim” Trailer!

I could tell you all about my Press Day at International CES, about the parade of TVs and refrigerators and stuff, about my encounters with tech celebs like Veronica Belmont and Patrick Norton and Roger Chang (hi, guys), about the long queues and 4K TVs and refrigerators (yep) and “autonomous cars”….

…And forget it, because, before the keynote address by Qualcomm Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs (with special cameo by Steve Ballmer), we got a special trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. That’s far more interesting than the gadgets I saw today. This thing looks pretty amazing. And sounds GLaDOS-y. Monsters ‘n’ robots — can’t beat that.

“Today we are canceling the Apocalypse!” Good thing, because we have four more days of CES to get through first.

(As always, a disclaimer: Legendary Pictures owns Nerdist Industries. Pacific Rim is from Legendary Pictures. is editorially independent, which you can take to the bank because I didn’t even know this was coming before it hit the screen)

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  1. Pianoplunkster says:

    I’m reminded of Neon Genesis Evangelion… Still. Guillermo del Toro with bonus MF-ing Elba! looks pretty sweet

  2. Jessica L says:

    To me it sounds like the music from Transformers (which this movie is gonna to ride on transformers mass appeal of big robots and loud rock/ electronic scores). But I do see where it kinda sounds like the master.

  3. SteveFromAccounting says:

    Am I hearing things, or in the original trailer does anyone else hear The Master’s drumbeat at the 1:50 mark?
    Pacific Rim Trailer#1
    The Master’s Drumbeat