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Adventure Time Mashes Up With Kill Bill, Beetlejuice and More!

We tend to love Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time because it’s one of the few shows that leans into the chaos of our brains and tries to give it everything it wants in 15 minute batches. Over the years, the series has taken us through enough caves and passageways contained within the magical, post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo to make even Loki blush. Like many of you, we love to ponder what those adventures could have been if they were in the worlds of Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino. Luckily there are a lot of artists who want to make our daydreams a reality, so let’s all say it together, “Beetle-Finn! Beetle-Finn! Beetle-Finn!”


Developed by Nikki Ward on Deviant Art, what we have here might just be some of the best Finn and Jake (as well as some other beloved Adventure Time characters) art created to date.

Sailor Moon, Kill Bill, DC villains–this gallery really proves that the Pendleton Ward-created series can cross-over with just about anything. And on occasion, they have: let us not forget that time John DiMaggio fans got the wink and a nod of a lifetime when Bender stumbled upon the adventuring duo in an episode of Futurama:

While it also holds the crown of being one of Cartoon Network’s longest running series, Adventure Time has proven to be a community all its own, taking on a fandom that rivals some of the greats such as Marvel, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. So to that fandom, we say this: well done.

Adventure Time returns for its latest run of episodes October 28th on Cartoon Network.

View more Adventure Time mashups in our gallery, featuring work from Joe Hogan and Mike Vasquez.


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  1. jerry says:

    Check out my halloween adventure time mash up art!!

  2. Andrew Fox says:

    Nice mention of the Futurama cameo. The most recent episode of the Simpsons (the halloween one) has them drawn in Adventure Time’s artstyle during the end of the episode. It’s a cool reference! 🙂