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ADDENDUM: There Will Be Two 3D DAY OF THE DOCTOR Screenings


Yesterday, we told you that there would be some 3D cinema screenings of Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor,” but didn’t have any deets. Now we have deets, and I’m never going to say deets again.

There will be two ways to see the special on the big screen here in the U.S., according to BBC America, who would know; one will be a simulcast with the association of AMC Theaters, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas on Saturday the 23rd of November at the exact same time as it’s shown on BBC America and in the UK on BBC One in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington DC, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Minneapolis. Tickets for this will go on sale Friday, October 25th, at 9:00am ET on or The second will be a Fathom Event on Monday the 25th in over 300 theaters nationwide. Both will be in RealD 3D.

The theatrical events will include specially shot introductions and “The Day of The Doctor: Behind The Lens,” a 10 minute behind-the-scene featurette directly following the special. The short features Matt Smith, David Tennant and Jenna Coleman with Billie Piper and John Hurt, as well as lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, discussing their 50th Anniversary experiences. While not available in the cinemas in the UK, the “Behind the Lens” short will be available at at the same time.

So, start making your plans now, folks! We can only pray that your city is one of the selected. Who’s going?

Image: BBC

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  1. James says:

    I don’t have any chance of seeing the Day of the Doctor in 3D in the theater, and am a little worried that it will be forever before I get to see it at all. We get our programming through Hulu+ and Netflix, and do not have BBC America… {sad me}

  2. GJJ says:

    I thought I’d point out the significance of the upcoming worldwide simulcast of the “Doctor Who” episode “The Day of the Doctor” on November 23. Not only is the BBC putting this out in 3D to viewers in the UK via BOTH television and in theaters but they’ve expanded this to include simulcasting in theaters THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! That’s in addition to making it available in those local countries (here it’s via BBC America) by television. I believe that this will be a historical first as not only will this be the first first run television program to ever be presented worldwide to both televisions and specially-equipped movie theaters but also that it will be in 3D thus making it the largest distribution of a 3D television show ever (at least for now). This would only be possible with the large scale availability of 3D televisions, adequate video projection on motion picture screens and widespread availability of broadband internet via cable and satellite links. We should be thankful to the not only the BBC and its affiliates for funding and doing such a large experiment but to the developers of 3D technology, internet developers and operators and communications satellite developers and operators. I wonder what the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke would have made of this…

  3. Paul Benson says:

    And I checked back, and they aren’t sold out. Got a couple of tickets…hopefully the error on AMC’s part was in the “sold out” listing, and not in the sudden availability of tickets…

  4. Paul Benson says:

    The Los Angeles shows already sold out. I’m a sad Ood.

  5. Valerie Grussing says:

    Both links to fandango and cinemark only list a release date of Mon. 11/25. Want to see on Sat. 11/23!! Not cool — what is going on?

  6. Roy Campos says:

    Hell yea, Houston!!!

  7. Guy Jackson says:

    Going! Both days in Orange County, CA. With The Real Time Lords of Orange County

  8. Paul Wagner says:

    Hope Madison, WI is one of them

  9. Beth Rodgers says:


  10. I’ll be getting Seattle tickets tomorrow!