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Adam Savage Meets His Holy Grail Movie Prop–Deckard’s BLADE RUNNER Blaster

Adam Savage doesn’t just love movie props, he dedicates a lot of time to “researching them, finding them, collecting them, and making them” for himself. However, it was only recently that was he finally able to meet and hold his favorite movie prop of all-time, a prop that had already inspired him to create his own “replicant” version.

In this video from Tested, Adam Savage went to see his friend, and major movie prop collector, Dan Lanigan, because Lanigan just happens to own the original blaster that Rick Deckard used in the classic science fiction movie Blade Runner.

It’s easy to see why that particular gun would stand out in a sea of iconic movie weapons even amongst movie prop enthusiasts. It’s not merely that it comes from a seminal film, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. Plus, as Savage points out, the craftsmanship that went into it is remarkable.


Savage had some great tidbits about the gun itself, including how the handle of the gun was filed down to fit Harrison Ford‘s hand, a change from the stunt pistol versions that were used. Also, it’s crazy that nobody can figure out exactly where one part of the gun comes from. “It’s been assumed that it’s some type of mechanical screwdriver,” said Savage, “Yet no one’s been able to find it.”

Besides just getting to meet the blaster, Adam was also excited to have an opportunity to compare his own version that he made up against the real one. While he immediately noticed the differences (slight weight difference, colorization, depth of certain parts) it really is crazy how close he managed to make his.


If this entire video ended before we even got to see the real blaster from Blade Runner it still would have been very cool. Lanigan’s collection is unbelievable, and just a few of the props we got to see here include Pee-wee Herman‘s bike, some swords from Lord of the Rings, Captain America‘s shield, an original proton pack from Ghostbusters, and, because Harrison Ford always has the coolest props, Indiana Jones‘ whip and hat.

With Blade Runner 2 happening, maybe Savage will get the call to make a new gun for Deckard.

What’s your favorite movie prop of all-time? Blast into our comments section below to tell us.

Featured Image: Warner Brothers
Images: Tested/YouTube

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