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Adam Savage Went Incognito as EXCALIBUR’s King Arthur at Comic-Con

One of the best games you can play every year on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con is to try and find Tested‘s Adam Savage walking around in a custom-built costume, but it’s not easy since he always goes incognito. That’s why yesterday you might not have realized you were really talking to the former MythBusters host when you spotted King Arthur from the movie Excalibur.


The latest entry in Savage’s famous anonymous Con cosplay featured him wearing a nearly 20-pound suit of armor made out of aluminum, a costume he said he has wanted to do for a very long time. But that wasn’t the only reason this piece was extra special, that’s because it was made by Terry English, the man who made the costumes for Excalibur back in 1981.

You might think this was a really unpleasant costume to walk around in, but Savage said it was actually the most comfortable incognito piece he has ever worn at Comic-Con. Also, because it was custom made for his body, it allowed him much more freedom of movement than you’d expect from a metal suit. (Though you still need a squire to get in and out of it.)

In addition to being very cool to look at, there’s also some great insight here for those of us that love to learn the tricks of the Hollywood trade, like how real-looking chain mail can be made out of plastic or fabric to keep the weight down.


But there are no tricks to quickly getting past the “weapons line” at SDCC. Even King Arthur doesn’t have that kind of pull.

What’s your favorite incognito costume Adam Savage has ever done? Don’t keep your answer anonymous, tell us in the comments below.

Images: Tested

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