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Adam Savage Documented the Last Day of MYTHBUSTERS, and We Swear We’re Not Crying

After 12 years, Mythbusters is coming to an end, and yesterday was the final day of filming. To commemorate the occasion, Adam Savage, co-host and OG Mythbuster, documented the bittersweet day through his Twitter and Imgur accounts, and used the #mblast tag for others to participate as well. He welcomed his fans and followers to his day with a video on Twitter at about 9am as he prepared to say goodbye to the show.

Adam went on to put together gifts he later gave to the show’s crew, as well as picked up doughnuts for everyone to enjoy during their day filming.

The guys had a few pick-ups and scenes around The Cave left to film, including final scenes in the blueprint room.

Other than that, the day was a mix of reflection, cleaning, and packing since their stage tour starts tomorrow in New Orleans.

Adam also found the time to unwind a little with some billiards before calling it a day.

Finally, after everything wound down, Adam ventured back home to get ready for their wrap party, traveling in true Savage style.

The most interesting picture that Mr. Savage shared, though, has to be the side-by-side comparison of his first year with Mythbusters in 2003, and his last day in 2015. No one looks exactly the same after 12 years, but it is baffling to see how 12 years of a job like Mythbusters can actually make a man look younger, despite all that grey in the goatee.

So, now we know that the end of Mythbusters is truly on the way, but at least we can always catch Adam and friends over on YouTube with their Tested channel, as well as on the Mythbusters tour that will be traveling to 32 different cities over the next two months. Let us know what your favorite Mythbusters myth was in the comments below!

Images all belong to Adam Savage, via Twitter

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