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Adam Savage Builds an IRON GIANT Bolt in One Day

What’s a MythBuster to do after Discovery Channel’s longest running show ends? Entertain the internet with almost daily “one day builds,” of course.

Master maker Adam Savage isn’t taking a long vacation after 14 years of MythBusters, as you might expect. Instead, he’s going full-steam ahead with and a number of builds that he completes in just one day. They range from Hellboy’s famous sword to a detailed Cylon from Battlestar Galactica to a gorgeous LEGO automata of Sisyphus forever rolling a boulder up a hill. The one day builds, usually condensed to just over 10 minutes, are not only fun to watch, they highlight why Adam Savage is a great host adept at creating just about anything.

In the video above, Adam is building one of his many “garage kits” stored in his ever growing collection. It’s the bolt from a movie you totally didn’t cry at: The Iron Giant. The only piece ever recovered from the giant’s sacrifice, the bolt is more like a beacon, and the key to making the Giant whole again.

The kit is surprisingly complicated, featuring everything from lenses to LEDs to small speakers. But a day’s trouble is worth it, because the end result is a wonderful little piece of movie memorabilia. It’s even better if you add the old, distressed appearance that Adam does, making it look like you found the bolt in your own backyard.

What would you like to see Adam tackle in a day? I’d like to see a mini catapult made entirely out of duct tape. Let me know in the comments below.

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