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Adam Savage Recreated BLADE RUNNER 2049’s Binoculars

Former Mythbusters host Adam Savage has never hidden his love for sci-fi, and he’s even taken a few deep dives into cosplay just for fun and to stay relatively incognito at comic conventions. But Savage never seems happier than when he gets a chance to recreate props within the comfort of his workshop. For Tested‘s latest edition of One Day Builds, Savage eagerly dived into one of his most recent favorite movies, Blade Runner 2049. Within the film, Harrison Ford‘s Rick Deckard can be seen with a pair of futuristic binoculars, and the following video recounts the steps Savage took to make a pair of his own.

As Savage explains early in the video, the bulk of the work was actually done beforehand by Jon-A-Tron (a.k.a. Jonathan Odom), a user on Instructables. Savage was particularly excited about the fact that Odom already took the steps to make sure that this was a real working pair of binoculars. However, Odom didn’t have access to a complete look at the original prop, which meant that Savage had to take several additional steps to ensure that his recreation was as accurate to the film as humanly possible.

Savage’s eye for detail is impressive, and so is his drive to bring those details to life. Yet even Savage couldn’t quite get everything right on the binoculars, but he was able to creatively mask a few minor details. The end results speak for themselves regardless of the very minor imperfections.

What do you think about Savage’s latest One Day Build? Construct your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: Tested/Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros. Pictures

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