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Act Out Your Own DOCTOR WHO Stories with Cute Peg People

Watching the Doctor go on adventures throughout the galaxy is entertaining and all, but you can make it an interactive experience with Doctor Who toys from Etsy seller Makings from Mommyland. Shop owner Katie started painting wooden figures of her kids’ favorite superheroes and princesses, and the hobby turned into a business. She offers a plethora of geeky peg people figures, including several in the Doctor Who universe. This means you can recreate miniature versions of your most beloved Who scenes or write your own. I want to see fan films starring peg people, people.

Doctor Who Peg People 3

The figures are available in pairs or sets in varying sizes, with prices starting at $20. She’s already tackled characters such as Rose Tyler, River Song, an Ood, a Dalek, Captain Jack Harkness, and the Ninth – Eleventh Doctors. You can get an appropriately sized TARDIS to go with the toys. Yeah. I pretty much want one of each so I can have a peg people army – which kind of sounds like a threat in an episode of Doctor Who. They’d be much cuter than the Peg Dolls that appeared in “Night Terrors.”

My favorite set in the shop comes with a box that looks like River Song’s spoiler-filled TARDIS journal. It even has a drawer so you can put your peg people away in between filming. You could also use the box as a display and arrange your peg people on top of them.

Doctor Who Peg People in journal box

If you need peg people versions of the Twelfth Doctor, the War Doctor, Madame Vastra, or anyone else not listed for sale, you can reach out to Katie about custom orders on Etsy.

Which of the Doctor Who peg people do you want to bring home? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. danielle says:

    Ummmm….. all of them!!!!!!

  2. Liz Bowen says:

    I have the Tardis, 9, 10, 11, dalek and cyberman! I can’t wait to grow my collection and have a Doctor Who peg army!

  3. Henrik says: