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A WALKING DEAD Action Figure Adventure in Three Scales

McFarlane Toys are currently selling three different scales of figures from The Walking Dead–not counting the building sets, which appear to be on hold for the moment. And all three have new releases out this month that befit the target audience: a brand new character for the largest-scale collector line, a much-anticipated villain for the midrange line, and a hero three-pack for the playable series.


At $34.99, the 5-inch Rick/Michonne/Daryl three-pack is perfect for the one-and-done fan who just wants the three most popular heroes, and they’re different enough from their signature outfits (Rick and Daryl are clad for colder weather, and all three are blood-splattered) that long-running collectors may want them too.


While their articulation can look a tad ugly at times, they can at least strike cool poses with their trademark weapons.


What was once innovative in the area of poseable joints is now almost retro, as other companies have gotten better and better at hiding their points of articulation. McFarlane really need to up the game on this and innovate like they used to. Thankfully, their actor likenesses still rule.


Negan was the most anticipated onscreen villain, so of course fans want his 7-inch figure ($19.99). The likeness is good, but there are issues.


Yeah, let’s take a closer look at his articulation, shall we?


Awkward. Why have joints at his knees and boots like that when they can only get him into a pose like this? If he could actually kneel, I’d get it. But he can’t.


And those elbows…oof.


Negan comes with two hands: one with a trigger finger, to presumably hold guns if you want him to, and one for his “vampire bat” Lucille.


10-inch Glenn ($34.99) may not be articulated much (neck and ankles, really), but he looks the best of all of them.


Curiously, he comes with a pistol holster without a pistol, but he can hold the rifle just right with some work, and he has a circular stand.


And yeah, you can have some fun with the size differential if you want to.


McFarlane’s gift of sculpt is as great as ever, but it’s notable that in three different scales, with three different approaches to poseability, none get it quite right.


If you want to put the three-pack of heroes in a Charlie’s Angels pose, though…


Well, sort of. Close as I could get, anyway.


Negan will also be available in a bloody version exclusive to Walmart, which is a concept that blows my mind. Back in the ’90s, Walmart was the place where you got the family friendly versions of everything: Nirvana albums without fetus artwork, R-rated cuts of unrated movies, and non-bloody McFarlane Toys. For them now to have the more horrific version says that commerce really has triumphed over all. You used to have to go to record stores to get the “adult” variant figures. (Say “What’s a record store?” one time and I will sic Negan on you.)


If your kid asks you why you want a Negan toy and you don’t want to fully explain, you can always say he’s just a unique baseball player.


Negan is coming in both the other scales, and I’ll be curious to see how they compare. Eenie…meenie..miney…

What’s your favorite Walking Dead scale? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @LYTrules to talk toys.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson

Luke Y. Thompson is Nerdist’s weekend editor, and a certifiable toy-a-holic.

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