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Just so you know, the heart really does go on. And if your friends were anything like mine when Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron movie leaked the other night, your phone’s text message alert also goes on and on and on as you yelled about how incredible the trailer looked. Well, get ready to freak out to your friends again. Because this is the incredible parody that hit the internet this weekend, and if no one has sent it to you yet…well, you’re welcome.

Avengers: My Ultron Will Go On from Martin Revelation Films on Vimeo.

Personally, I want to know more about the person who watched the original trailer a few days ago and said to themself, “Huh, that looks like it might fit well with Celine Dion. I should try it!” I just have this really good feeling that this person and I would be friends.

“My Heart Will Go On,” aka the love theme from Titanic, had quite the run when it was released in 1998 and has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. Will its pairing with Marvel’s trailer give it a revival? Will it inspire a slew of romantic fanfic around the Age of Ultron movie? Who knows. All I know is that I can’t stop watching it, and if your heart didn’t break when Scarlet Witch screamed in perfect moment of Dion’s belting, something might be wrong with you. Kidding.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is due to hit screens in May of next year. I’m pretty freaking excited and are still giggling over Marvel’s social media reaction to the trailer hitting the internet.

Everything is Hydra’s fault! Always!

Excuse me, I have to go and watch superhero trailers and wrack my brain for perfect ballad pair-ups.

Image: Jack Martin

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  1. ClasikRok says:

    That worked surprisingly well. I actually got some goosebumps to show for it lol

  2. Jeff says:

    This parody of the avengers trailer is sooooo much better 😉

  3. Justin says:

    I like Captain America kicking open the door to Celine’s plea to open the door. 

  4. Fartbooty says:

    Oh Jesus, look I love me some Celine but dat songs way played out. Also where Thanos at?