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A Trailer For Bobcat Goldthwait’s Found-Footage Bigfoot Thriller “Willow Creek”

Bobcat Goldthwait made a low-budget movie about a couple (Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore) in the woods with a camera, looking for the place where someone once caught Bigfoot on film. The trailer’s right here. It’s styled as found footage, a self-made documentary of a trip that goes very, very bad. Think The Blair Witch Project with more light and color, real-life experts, and Bigfoot, maybe.

Bobcat gave an interview to about his interest in Bigfoot. Here you go:

The movie is going to play at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal this Summer, but it’s still awaiting a distribution deal. Wanna see it? Bobcat’s screened it at Meltdown Comics, and, who knows, he may bring it to somewhere in your neck of the… woods… ulp.

HT: Badass Digest


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  1. John Bigfoot says:

    I think it looks awesome.

  2. Skigh says:

    If it wasn’t Bobcat’s, I’d call a shameless Blair Witch ripoff.

  3. Chris says:

    It looks cool. It also looks like Straw Dogs in a tent in the woods.

    God Bless America