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A Thrilling Conclusion, Bobcat, ‘Norm!’, and Lots More: The Week In Podcasts

This week’s podcasts on the Nerdist Podcast Network featured the return of some old friends, the last regular episode of one of our longest-running series, and lots more. Here’s the rundown:

Sparks Nevada rode the Martian range one last time as Thrilling Adventure Hour gave us one last episode for the road. It’s over (sad face), but Acker and Blacker dropped in for a post-show message. And speaking of TAF, WorkJuice stalwart Hal Lublin was this week’s Boy of Summer on The JV Club, remembering lost toys and other youthful things while Janet waxes eloquently about spiders and other insects.

Bobcat Goldthwait made another appearance on the Nerdist Podcast, and it was an unexpectedly emotional day, because the taping coincided with the first anniversary of Robin Williams’ passing. You probably know that Bobcat and Robin were very close, and that wasn’t the only tough thing with which Bobcat had to deal in the past year. He talked about that, and moving from standup to directing, and about the fascinating story of comedian’s comedian Barry Crimmins that he chronicles in the documentary Call Me Lucky.

The legend that is Norm Peterson… er, George Wendt took the stage with Kevin and Steve for Chewin’ It, and he covered his career from Second City through Cheers to his new TBS show Clipped. Also, barbecue, and getting booted from Notre Dame, and much more.

Jemaine Clement came by You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes to discuss salamanders and silverfish, Wi-fi sea horses, Flight of the Conchords, Eagle vs. Shark, What We Do in the Shadows, fandom in a niche age, family, and taking off his shirt (and getting to “TV Normal” shape).

We heard some inspiring talk from Robert Rodriguez on the Nerdist Podcast. Robert told the whole story behind El Mariachi, the ultra-low-budget epic that launched his career, and he goes through everything since then, including his process, his work ethic, and learning from failure. If you’re into the art of making movies, this one’s essential.

An old friend came back for a second visit as Connie Britton caught up with Chris on the Nerdist Podcast (Scheduled for Friday release; link will work as soon as it’s posted), talking about parenting, the old gang, and the world of country music. Connie, of course, stars in Nashville and is in American Ultra, opening this weekend.

This week, we also served up a bonus Hostful Nerdist Podcast, replete with NPR imitations and Periscope and Matt’s wedding plans and comedy audiences and analysis of the Fat Jew “aggregation” controversy.

Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Then you need to hear Nerdist Writers Panel with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, in a conversation with Danielle Nussbaum of Entertainment Weekly at the ATX Festival. She’s honest and hilarious, and talks about the development and success of The Gilmore Girls, dealing with the network (including a battle over a reference to Oscar Levant), seeing things now that would have been perfect for Stars Hollow, her nonexistent “system,” Bunheads, creating alternate worlds, casting, dramedies, fast dialogue, and having to fight to cast Melissa McCarthy as Sookie.

Max Landis came by The Indoor Kids to talk about superheroes and more superheroes, more comics than video games this time, and Max is very, very energetic about it all. Shia LeBeouf, social media changing the perception of crime, American Ultra, Mask of the Phantasm and much more Batman… Max is on fire on this episode. Oh, and if you’re interested in sending in a clip and being part of the first crowdsourced episode of The Indoor Kids, click here to find out how to do that.

Black and Cavanagh ate something on Mike and Tom Eat Snacks. It’s a very New York thing. And crispy, too. And they are not Cher.

On an atypical “Get Lost” edition, Jon Daly guested on The K Ohle for a sweaty (!) conversation with Kurt in an unusual garden hidden in Griffith Park. It’s a time for reminiscing, lots of reminiscing, and dogs and talking about Kroll Show and working with friends.

Also: The Crabfeast‘s Ryan Sickler invaded the showroom on The Todd Glass Show. The ultra-positive Marcy Guevara checked back in for another Pro You conversation, by popular demand. Mike Shaw and Michael Leffler brought Bigfoot knowledge to Bizarre States. Jeremy Bent returned to Comic Book Club but Thomas Jane wasn’t around. New York Magazine’s Abraham Reisman also dropped by in a separate Comic Book Club to examine what happened with Fantastic 4. And muralist Eyeone talked art on The Mutant Season

Hear it all on the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and at the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page. There’s a lot of catching up to do, so get to it now.

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