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A Supercut of Every User Interface In STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE

Star Wars: A New Hope may be over 35 years old, but that doesn’t mean people can’t find fresh ways to look at the footage. Fans have torn apart every frame for fun and for the sake of research – nay, science! Dino Ignacio falls in the latter category. The creator of user interface designs captured every instance of characters interacting with “machines, doors, screens, levers, knobs and buttons” in A New Hope. He edited the scenes together in a supercut, and they add up to 10 minutes of footage. It includes Princess Leia’s hologram, the Modal Nodes jamming, and people opening and closing a lot of doors. Like, a lot. Watch:

The Interfaces of Star Wars: A New Hope from Dino Ignacio on Vimeo.

According to The Verge, Ignacio used footage from Harmy’s despecialized edition of A New Hope. Quick tangent: Harmy’s fan cut removes many extras added in the special editions and adjusts colors to more closely match the original footage. He has a whole gallery detailing the adjustments with comparison shots, and it’s fascinating.

Back to the supercut, the premise is a touch broad for me. I’d rather see it limited to times characters interacted with controls or panels. However, by being so inclusive Ignacio shows us the literal nuts and bolts of the Star Wars universe. Every short scene included in the supercut is important to establishing the universe as a real and believable world. And craziest of all, looking at all the film’s tech back-to-back like this shows how well it still holds up. It was made in the late ’70s for crying out loud – that’s impossible!


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    Everyone knows that the Imperial Operating System (IOS) is superior to anything that Jogan ever puts out.