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A Stop Motion SUPER MARIO BROS. Cake

Are you ready for a cake you can eat and play? YouTuber GamerboyMedia has wanted to recreate the first level of Super Mario Bros. for years. He makes videos animating everything from fan art to cartoons, and to make his Super Mario Bros. dream come true, he used a cake. He was inspired by the opening of Super Mario 64 where Peach says, “Please come to the castle. I’ve baked a cake for you.” Cake is not a euphemism.

GamerboyMedia worked with his sister and professional cake decorator Jami Behrends to build Mario’s world on a dessert. Besides the cake, she also made peanut butter blocks, cupcake goombas and koopas, cake pop mushrooms, candy melt mountains and bushes, a gingerbread castle, and 18 different Mario sugar cookies. Whew. She must have spent spent days working on all the pieces.

To get the animation right, GamerboyMedia recorded himself playing through the original game and matched it on the cake. He carefully moved the cookies and other edible pieces in small increments to create the finished product. The process took a week and a half, and it looks painstaking.

Curious about what it was like to bring the short to life? The delirious laughter in the behind the scenes video below is evidence that they put a lot of time into the Super Bakery Brothers piece:

Would you have the patience to make a cake like this and a stop motion short? I would be constantly tempted to eat everything. Head to the comments and let me know if you have more willpower than me.

HT: That’s Nerdalicious

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  1. Luigi says:

    Nobody care about-a Luigi! Mario get a cake even-a when it’s not his-a birthday!