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A Preview of “Under the Dome,” Based on Stephen King’s Book


Based on the Stephen King book of the same name, Under the Dome shows what happens to a town when it is covered by an impenetrable invisible dome. The mini-series features our favorite Oceanic pilot (Sorry, Grunberg) Jeff Fahey as the town Sheriff and our favorite DEA agent Dean Norris as the guy who may know a thing or two about what’s happening, and it’s all written for the small screen by Y: The Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughn. This is the kind of event television we dream of. But why is everyone so confused about the dome? Did no one tell them it was all Homer Simpson’s fault for throwing pig feces in Lake Springfield?

The CBS mini-series premieres Monday June 24th. Find out more at

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  1. Jack West says:

    @Penny: re-reading your comment to me. I don’t want to write a book, can’t keep my butt in the chair long enough. I did at one time now it’s gone.

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  3. Penny says:

    Jack you know you have an options right. You can take your grumpy butt to bed on Monday nights and not watch it, or you can watch one of the many other shows odd there that are also ripped off from someone else’s work. Or perhaps since you are the know all of everything in the world, maybe you should be writing books. I am sure in your 67 years you have had to do something that was interesting, beside becoming a party pooper. Oh my god several people have used the idea of a force over the years. While you are at it why don’t you bitch about George R.R. Martin for his very un-clever use of kings, queens, dragons, and swords. It has been done before several hundred times. Eddings, Jordan, hell I have a friend with a book in print about the same thing. No one is a 100% creative there are new twists on old ideas. I am sorry to bust your bubble. Maybe when you were young you didn’t have access to the amount of things that I have to read. But trust me most things have been done to death. Well, except you it seems, which is why your so damn grumpy.

    • Jack West says:

      You got me on the George RR Martin stuff, I read him years ago and I’m glad he’s doing real well. As for taking my ass to bed, I’m in the Chicagoland area and I’ll be watching our Blackhawks win the Stanley cup over the Boston Bruins.

  4. Jack West says:

    I’m not calling it a conspiracy, I’m calling King out as a thief. He stole another man’s idea. Salem’s Lot isn’t another varition of Dracula just a different vampire story. How old are you Hah no. I’m 67 seen a lot os shit in my time.

  5. Vicky Garfield says:

    I read the book, I bet a lot of other people are excited too. We all know that the mini-series is not gonna be the same, but we can hope. Maybe it will be even better.. Steven King used to make an appearance in all his movies. Will we catch him on the big screen? I think so, even it is only a small glimpse. Vickygee

  6. T_ says:

    I am not a huge Stephen King fan but I loved this book; I will be watching.

    Although, did anyone notice that CBS got this and not NBC…do you think King is holding a grudge against Universal/NBC for cancelling the Gunslinger series?

    Probably not…but it makes you think.

  7. Heh, no says:

    Jack West, the “town in the bubble” idea predates your movie by a very long time, The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham opens with a small town being stuck in a mysteriously impenetrable force field and is referenced several times in Under the Dome.
    It is an established sic-fi trope and almost every instance of it – even in the simpsons movie – shows things crashing into it.
    Only makes sense.
    Granted, it isn’t the most original concept, but King wasn’t ripping off anyone, just retelling an old story in his own style – like Salem’s lot is a retelling of Dracula, or his any of his Town with a Dark Secret novels. There’s no conspiracy here.

    • Jack West says:

      I beg to differ. The Midwich Cuckoos wasn’t a long time, unless you coount the novel. The movie was made in 1961, the Bubble was released in 1966, five years apart. Maybe King mentioned it in his book but the force around Midwich was caused by a flying saucer. Does King resort to that in Dome. Personally, I’m sticking to King “borrowing” ideas from other sources. I’ve never like the man”s writing.

  8. Looks very good. Looked very good in the shorter trailer, but now, I _really_ want to see it. Seems like it ‘ill have character development as well as action.Was flirting with the idea of waiting and watching Under the Dome on DVD next year, (if they’re still making DVDs). This would let me read the book first and avoid commercials, but seeing these coming attractions, I don’t know if I can wait.

    Thanks for showing them.

  9. Jack West says:

    Back in the 1960s a schlock producer named Arch Obler made a film called the Bubble that was shot in 3-D color long before this current revival phase. The plot is similar: a town is locked inside a force field, no one can get in or out. Mr King I believe saw this little grade Z movie and ripped off the idea . However, with his novel, he increased the perameters and that has been transferred to the screen(i.e. more money, bigger scenes). He included the plane hitting the dome just like in that other movie. I ‘ll still watch it making comparisones.