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A PlayStation Ad That Will Make You Feel Old

Nostalgia…. Not exactly what I expected to feel while watching a PlayStation 4 advert, but the folks at Sony Computer Entertainment have a way with using our long relationship with their brand to tug at our heartstrings. PlayStation has been around for 19 years this November, meaning it’s been around for a sizable percentage (68% of mine), if not the entirety, of many of our lives. It is with this tidbit of fact that I’ve come to this realization: I am getting old.

But you’re not off the hook there pals, because if you’re reading this, it is my duty to share this feeling of mine and make you feel old too. The video below takes us back to 1995, when the original PlayStation launched, and travels through the next two decades through the bedroom of a dedicated PlayStation gamer. If you were around when 989 Studios was the hot stuff and Crash Bandicoot was eyeing down Mario for the platformer crown, then this video will certainly resonate with you.

Poor Samuel, always getting his gaming sessions abruptly ended by his mom’s calling on him. His situation is almost reminiscent of Grandma’s Boy, minus the stoning and chronic masturbation. Yeah, I might’ve over-analyzed this video a tad bit. In any case, this video did a great job capturing the essence of the PlayStation brand over the years. For those of you living under a boulder, keep in mind that the PlayStation 4 launches on November 15, here in the U. S. of A.

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  1. hazysin says:

    WOW. This video made me cry happy tears (literally). I was eleven when i got my first playstation. All these years later, i’m still a kickass gamergirl. My firstborn is eleven now and he got almost as emotional. He got his first console at four. We love Playstation and im glad it (the brand) has passed the test of time. My 2 year old would have a fit if he couldnt play LBP.

  2. Scott S says:

    That one’s totally for the Brits. Apart from the games, I wonder how much the average American would recognize from any of that?

  3. Jacka says:

    That was oddly depressing.

  4. Natalie says:

    Cindy, the first time we see the window there are fireworks, at a guess I would say we’re looking out at midnight on the turn of the millennium.

  5. quik says:

    This kid has so much heat. Saw some black cement 3’s and some what the dunks. Talk about an impressive shoe game. Oh and the commercial is dope too

  6. Jason says:


    The first shot in the window was the transition from PS1 to PS2 and the PS2 was launched in 2000 so assume the window shot showed sometime between the London Eye opening in 1999 and March 2000 when PS2 launched.

  7. Cindy says:

    Great commercial but am I the only one who is bothered but the fact that you see the London Eye out the window during the first segment? It opened in 1999. and I am guessing this goes back to 95.