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The release date of December 13th is fast approaching, so Warner Bros. has released another trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, with more footage from the second film chapter of the Tolkien saga. And we hear Smaug, in a Cumberbatchian growl. “Come now, don’t be shy, step into the light.” But watch out for the flames. Watson’s never seen Sherlock quite this hostile before.

I didn’t have the same reaction that so many people did to the first movie — falling into the “liked it more than my friends did” category, I enjoyed it for what it was, even if I wondered how long they were gonna stretch things out. But this trailer promises more action and less of the exposition that proved to be such a slog for some fans, so the question is: even if you were disappointed in the first, are you hotly anticipating this one? Does the trailer do it for you? Comment below….

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  1. brovold says:

    This makes me almost want to see the first one and this one both. I soured a little of Jackson’s over-tinkering with Tolkien’s characters in LotR–the utter inversion of Faramir is unforgivable, for instance–but this looks pretty great.

  2. CJ says:

    Just hurry up with that extended edition Bluray for The Hobbit Part 1 already (Bluray only, I didn’t purchase a fucking bluray player for a combo pack with bluray + dvd that costs extra for nothing g’dammit!) and make sure it comes with discount admission for The Hobbit Part 2 in theatres, thank you!

  3. RG says:

    IIIIIII love it.

    Also, I’m sorry Perry, I love your writing, but… if you don’t like an extra helping of exposition, the Tolkien bus might not be goin’ where you’re try’na get to, dig?

    I dunno how many here have brushed up on the appendices, but if you haven’t… before somebody tries to tell you how greedy Peter Jackson is in an attempt to appear edgy and insightful, let me point out some things:

    – The appendices retroactively cover what happened with other characters during the Hobbit, to make it seem less fanciful and a bit darker in Middle-Earth at large.

    – Yes, they’re only a few pages, but that’s because they lay events out in summary… no narrative.

    – In fact, the next movies probably WILL be less of a slog, because there is A LOT to cover from here on out.

    – No, Legolas wasn’t invented yet when the Hobbit was written, but as he’s Thranduil’s son, it only makes sense that he would appear. They’re probably giving him a romance story here because his character was so flat in LotR.

    And now that that’s taken care of… Peter Jackson loves Tolkien. Stretching the Hobbit into three films wasn’t a money grab, but the fantasy of a true Tolkien fan: to make something with some goddang breathing room, not to make a perfect film, but to bottle the essence of Middle-Earth. There’s just a liiiittle more action than was in the books, and a few narrative fixes to streamline things, but ultimately–whether you believe he accomplished it or not–there’s no actual basis to say Peter Jackson’s not trying to make a great Tolkien film.

  4. amysrevenge says:

    @Kristoffer – there is about a quarter of a second of Beorn at 1:28 of the trailer.

  5. TheSyFyGuy says:

    I am going to be pulling my hair out until the final film comes out. I, fool that I am, decided to not see any of them before the inevitable marathon showing when the last one hits the theater next year. My nerdy friends think I am crazy, but I figured waiting once was better than waiting twice. I still want to go, but I have mad it this far… lol

  6. Andrew says:

    I liked the trailer, and am really anticipating the movie. I do wish they showed a little bit less of the creatures though, I was looking forward to being surprised at the appearance of the spiders. I also hope that Legolas is only in this movie, he’s my favourite character and I like to see the fan service but his role in the Hobbit should be limited.

  7. Kristoffer says:

    I have been wondering how much they are going to use of Kate from Lost & Legolas’s, this trailer seemed to indicate there will be some sort of love story? not too sure how i feel about this.

    No sign of Beorn in this either, which is where they would be headed to next after the events of the first film. How prominent a character will he be in the movie? if at all..

  8. brittany says:

    looks almost as pretty the precious. *gollum.

    <3 smaug