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A Hostful Return, Rocky Mountain High, Deadpool Talk: The Week In Podcasts

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? The week that was on the Nerdist Podcast Network, I mean. Not the Super Bowl, which was kinda blah unless you’re from Denver, about which more in a few paragraphs. I didn’t much care who won, so… wait, what were we talking about? Oh, the podcasts. Yeah, like these:

This week, by widespread popular demand, we brought you a Hostful Nerdist Podcast, the first of 2016. If you were worried that you wouldn’t hear any more Hostfuls, well, here’s proof that your fears were unfounded. And Chris, Jonah, and Matt get right into the Spaceballs sequel rumors, old movie and celebrity posters (Taco?!?), old SNL sketches, the new documentary about the exquisite schlock of Cannon Films, and smoking meat (what?). It is SO nice to catch up with everyone, especially in this season of the 6th anniversary of the podcast. Some things never change, even as everything else is so radically different….

Ol’ pal of Nerdist Adam Cayton-Holland of Denver’s comedy team The Grawlix re-visited (he’d been on the pre-Nerdist version) fellow Denverite (Denverian? Denverino?) Jonah Keri on The Jonah Keri Podcast as his series Those Who Can’t arrives on TruTV, and we got a look at life in Denver, a moment when career success took a back seat to family, and shouts to several fine Denver establishments which Adam and Jonah are known to frequent. And, hey, look what’s back: Jonah took the occasion to bring back from his Grantland podcast the signature segment “My Team is a Joke,” with Adam talking about the not-joke Broncos (not this week, at least, thanks to Von Miller, something that gets acknowledged in an addendum tacked to the end) and Rockies (okay, that hasn’t gone too well).

The Comic Book Club did a special episode examining all things Deadpool, because… hmm… why would they do that? Oh, right, the movie. Yeah, they and special guests did a deep dive into the wisecracking one. Speaking of Deadpool, the movie’s writers, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, dropped by Today We Learned to trade facts and talk about the flick.

American lama, author, and meditation teacher Surya Das (he says he’s been called “The Jolly Lama”!) talked about Buddhism on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, and they go deep on things like technology and “distraction,” “The Middle Way,” awakening, meditation, and stories galore.

We all wiped away tears as Dave and Anna did one last studio episode of Terrified, with jokes, depression, and your emails. There will, however, be one last episode, to be recorded live at NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics out here in Hollywood, California, USA on February 29th.

Jess and Bowser dove into the Making a Murderer controversy on Bizarre States, examining the theory that serial killer Ed Edwards may have been responsible for the murder for which Steven Avery is serving time.

The Todd Glass Show moved into The Barn, Todd’s new studio, with the help of Jen Kirkman and Jake Fogelnest.

Comedian and writer Emily Heller sat down with Janet to talk about her high school world on The JV Club, including student council and debate club (and circus camp!).

We had an unusual “Get Lost” episode of The K Ohle, unusual in that, rather than the usual recording of a blindfolded trip, we got Kurt and Lauren talking about their third cross-country road trip in a live show recorded at NerdMelt.

Jackie and Laurie talked about doing The Artist’s Way, eating disorders, Laurie’s Luxembourgian citizenship application, bombing (on stage, that is) in London, sartorial matters, the value of “clock eaters,” comic crushes, and more on The Jackie and Laurie Show.

The Writers Panel welcomed Bridget Carpenter, showrunner of the new Hulu Stephen King adaptation 11.22.63, discussing the process of bringing the novel to television. The series debuts on Hulu on Monday (2/15).

More? Yes. Matt Mira and Ben Bailey of Cash Cab fame (also a really good standup) joined Doug and Karen for a Super Bowl potluck on Dining with Doug and Karen, Wayne Federman, comedian and film festival proprietor, was Alexi’s special guest on Love, Alexi, Renee Gauthier joined Arden, Erin, and Eddie for talk about The Bachelor and swimming pigs on Will You Accept This Rose?, and Matt Knudsen returned for another session on the couch on Cash Withdrawal.

Still more? Still yes. We met Bodhi’s parents on Kicking and Screaming, heard tales of monkeys and man-made meat (that doesn’t sound right…) on Half Hour Happy Hour, eavesdropped while artist Randy Martinez talked about his work and career with Gil on The Mutant Season, and got more video game music from Legacy Music Hour on another Free Play episode.

Experience it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. Don’t forget to subscribe, either. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all o’ yez.

Contributor: Kyle Clark

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