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A Full Trailer For FX’s FARGO: Some Kinda Organized Crime Thing

FX has released a new trailer for the TV version of Fargo, and, finally, we get to see more of the cast, hear more of the broad accents, and get a feel for the show. Here:


The cast of this thing is pretty outstanding. Besides Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, we get Colin Hanks (talking all Minnesota-like) as a deputy, Kate Walsh singing, Deputy Bob Odenkirk in a big furry hat, Adam Goldberg as a bad guy, and Alison Tolman as not-Marge-Gunderson-but-close-enough. Also coming up will be Key and Peele as FBI agents, Glenn Howerton bringing the D.E.N.N.I.S. System to town, no doubt, and many more. Befuddled law enforcement, quirky bad guys, a hapless schmuck in over his head, colorful townsfolk… yep, Fargo. It has the Coen Brothers’ fingerprints all over it.

“What a day,” Freeman’s beaten-up insurance salesman sighs in the ER waiting room. “If that was me,” Thornton’s drifter replies, “I woulda killed that man. If you don’t stand up to the boss, the wife, you’re just gonna get washed away.” Uh oh.

It’s coming on April 15th to FX, and, yeah, I’m in. Are you? Comment below.

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  1. J.T. says:

    MORE Allison Tolman, please!

  2. UnfunPete says:

    I was already pumped for this. Then I find out it has Martin Freeman, but not only that….. KEY & PEELE. This could be terrible from start to finish and I will still watch it

  3. Deborah Dyer says:

    I can hardly wait, so excited!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Le'Ann Allen says:

    I’m sure it will be great, and I’m hoping that this will in no way hinder the very short Sherlock seasons. On pins and needles already here.

  5. wolfe says:

    LMac: Very true. The old pilot was way too early for the current trend of awesome cable dramas (and was made for NBC, anyway). And yes, this NEW cast is pretty amazing. Should be great.

  6. LMac says:

    Yes!! Can’t wait to see it. I remember the Edie Falco version. It was pretty good but I didn’t think the world was ready for it then. This cast? Absolutely we are ready!

  7. Mariana Duarte says:

    So excited about this! The whole cast looks amazing, but I am particularly excited about Martin Freeman! Can’t wait šŸ™‚

  8. wolfe says:

    There was another Fargo pilot that was pretty good from 1997 (holy crap 17 years ago). It starred Edie Falco.

  9. Amy says:

    Wow! I am so excited for this show, don’t ya know! Oh, you-betcha I will be watching… and that Martin Freeman is going to be yummier than the best tot hot dish your mom ever made šŸ˜‰

  10. -Di. says:

    Yes, this has the potential to be amazing. To be honest, they had me at Martin Freeman.