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A Cat “Sings” the “Game of Thrones” Theme, Because Why Not

The Game of Thrones theme “sung,” via edited meowing, by a cat.

There are no words, other than that my cat can’t do that. Mad Men, sure, but not Game of Thrones. (Okay, she can’t do any songs, but she’s great anyway)

HT: The Mary Sue

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  1. Sarah says:

    My mom and I meow theme songs to our cats. Glad to know someone made a video.

  2. Safetybear says:

    best thing ever

  3. JebnKeewee says:

    I loved it.

  4. John Engels says:

    I think I had a seizure…..

  5. BrotherArson says:

    Aaron… are you saying that it’s not “nerd chic” to like cats… cuz there’s this whole internet meme thing devoted to cats who lol. Are you saying it’s not “nerd chic” to enjoy different renditions of the GoT theme song? Are you saying it’s not “nerd chic” to appreciate the complexities of video and audio editing that it took to create this video? OK! So it’s not “serious” or “original” or “ground breaking”… but it’s fun! Why you gotta harsh the mellow!? It’s a cat! It’s cute! it’s meowing a song! Kindly remove the bat’leth from your rectum and remember that you didn’t have to watch it. Nor did you have to take time out of your day to spread negativity!

  6. mokoshne says:

    this is, one of the greatest things i’ve ever seen. Lol.

  7. Aaron says:


    This upsets me. I know you guys are smarter than this. You usually are on the cusp of “nerd chic’, but this is way outside of it. Get your shit together and don’t post fucking ridiculous garbage like this. Pull this link. This crap doesn’t deserve hits or attention.

  8. Shaylon says:

    When he does “Scatman” I’ll be impressed.

  9. joe anon says:

    better Game Of Thrones Theme on eight floppy drives

  10. Dan G says:

    I like the part where the cat meows