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9 New “Arrested Development” Season 4 Posters


The countdown to May 26th is on, and now there are 9 brand new clever prop-based promo posters to help you and your friends gets stuck in an endless, recursive quote loop until all 15 episodes of Arrested Development debut on Netflix. The original show’s labyrinthine in-jokes and reference-based humor will be put to the test in season 4. Creator Mitch Hurwitz originally envisioned the fourth season as a massive first act, which would then lead into a film comprised of an equally grand second and third act. Certainly an ambitious undertaking, but given that it’s Hurwitz, never once did we say, “Him?”

On a recent episode of the Empire Podcast, Jason Bateman elaborated on the season’s unique structure: “It will be extremely complicated for the viewers. 14 episodes, all separate, with each character getting their own episode, but all the action happens simultaneously. So you can stop my episode at the very moment that, say, Gob rides by on his Segway and then click into his episode and follow him.”

Bateman continued, “I don’t know how Mitchell Hurwitz wrote it, shot it or scheduled it, I don’t know how he’s editing it but it’ll be amazing. I think. And it’s only the first third of a three part story; the second two parts will be in the movie. So this is the first act, and the movie is act two and three. They’re all just asking questions that the movie itself will answer.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! We’re just getting used to the idea that there actually will be a season 4, but now you’re continuing to tease us about a movie? Just how much hope is there for an Arrested Development film? In an interview with Rolling Stone, David Cross wasn’t as optimistic: “I don’t know. I still wonder if a movie will work. For personal, selfish reasons, I would love to do a movie,” he said adding, “…the idea of going into a theater and watching the Bluth family on a massive screen, I’m not sure if that experience will work. I think it would be weird and unsettling, but who knows.”

We know there’s always money in the banana stand, but this is starting to sound like a job for Kickstarter. Now, without further ado, gaze upon the glory of these posters.


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  1. Chauncey says:

    “Why don’t you ask your son Michael, if he can remember!!” JOBE

    ps. never leave a hungry dove in the pants, and really where did that lighter fluid come from hahahahah

    can’t wait AD 2013 woot

  2. steamboatsilly says:

    Come on now

  3. mary says:

    I must say that these posters are doing their job too well, seeing as now all I want to do is watch Arrested Development! I’m already planning to dig up a few of the older seasons just so I can get reacquainted with that Bluth banana stand and Tobias’s signature short-shorts! 😉 A buddy from my office at DISH told me that reruns still air a lot, so I’m going to start recording those ASAP. All I know is that it’s a major relief that these frequent recordings won’t overrun my DVR, since my DISH Hopper has up to 2,000 hours of recording space to save all the episodes I want!

  4. arielle says:

    I hope there will be corn holeing.

  5. michaelalexkawa says:

    Very awesome ,can’t wait to see how the episodes will play out .

  6. barry buchanan says:

    My first tattoo is gonna read “Ready to relapse”. Thank you, Netflix.