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9 IZOMBIE Episodes You Need to Watch Before Season 3

9 IZOMBIE Episodes You Need to Watch Before Season 3

Braaains. I need more brains. But only the kind shown in The CW’s iZombie. The clever, quippy show from Diane Ruggiero and Rob Thomas has been building its mythology over the first two seasons, and oh boy, are the innards about to hit the proverbial fan. Season three will drop on April 4, and if you haven’t watched the series, you have less than a month to hop on board and savor the puns.

The easy answer about which episodes of iZombie to watch before the third season is all of them. They’ve released 32 episodes thus far, so with about 22 free hours you could do it. I never underestimate a devoted nerd’s bingeing skills. But if that kind of free time is only a dream for you, then take a more selective approach with these nine must-see episodes (don’t worry—this is a spoiler-free zone):


“Pilot” – Season 1

The best place to start is the beginning. iZombie is loosely based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, and if you’re coming in with the knowledge of those roots, this is when you’ll understand you can throw much of what you know out the window. iZombie‘s initial episode introduces Liv Moore (the name is never not going to amuse me), her assimilation into the zombie lifestyle, her skills (she gets insight about crime victims after she eats their brains and takes on some of their personality qualities), and her friends and compatriots.


“Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” – Season 1, Episode 1

As with most episodes of the series, “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” shows the side effects of Liv’s brain habits. You can get an idea of how actress Rose McIver gets to portray a new character each week while keeping Liv’s personality at the heart of it all. This installment also introduces the gift that is Blaine, the man indirectly responsible for making Liv a member of the undead.


“Patriot Brains” – Season 1, Episode 2

I can’t go deep about this episode without giving a key moment away, so I’ll just say watch it and understand iZombie goes there when the story calls for a dramatic twist. It’s not done in a gimmicky, look-how-bold-we-are fashion. It just is, and the event has repercussions.


“Blaine’s World” – Season 1, Episode 13

Happenings in season one come to a boil as various major characters take steps forward. We get confirmation of what caused Liv and others to become zombies. We watch as one character becomes a zombie killer. Oh, and “Blaine’s World” has one of the best musical moments in a TV series in recent memory.


“Grumpy Old Liv” – Season 2, Episode 1

Season two jumps forward three months in time. Liv’s friend and coworker Ravi is still trying to produce an effective cure for being undead, but a new hurdle’s in the way. And Blaine is in a new position that’s not altogether evil, while Major, Liv’s ex-fiancé, is forced to take a new job. In short, it’s the same world, but impactful changes are rippling throughout the various threads.


“Real Dead Housewife of Seattle” – Season 2, Episode 3

Some of the traits Liv absorbs when she gets her regular bite of brains are funnier than others, and the victim in “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle” doesn’t disappoint. It’s hilarious to watch Liv go to the other end of the spectrum and become fashion obsessed; watching her work partner in crime, Detective Babineaux, react is equally amusing. This particular victim is tied into the bigger zombie conspiracy. And hey, you’ll notice in this episode how Liv’s brain preparation is leveling up.


“Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” – Season 2, Episode 11

Guess the occupation of the former brain owner in this installment? She was the author of an erotic novel. The result on Liv is priceless. “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” delivers a couple very important moments and a hard-to-hear truth.


“Dead Beat” – Season 2, Episode 18

The penultimate episode of season two doesn’t kid around. Though I don’t always like how it affects my beloved characters, I do appreciate how consequences actually exist in iZombie and last longer than a few beats; you’ll see what I mean when you watch. The zombie plot thickens too, as we learn maybe the zombie community extends far beyond Seattle.


“Salivation Army” – Season 2, Episode 19

Okay. The season two finale, “Salivation Army,” is bananas in the best freaking way. Despite its subject matter, iZombie doesn’t go full horror often. But when it decides to get scary, it commits. This episode has some intense zombie action, new players, and a game-changing turn–the way the season ends really flips the table. I can’t wait to see what Liv and pals have to face in season three.

I will add this caveat to my list: iZombie consistently delivers solid storytelling. Though I find these episodes important for the world-building of it all, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Which iZombie episodes would make your top five? Drop your list in the comments.

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