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9 Alternate Suggestions for Captain America’s New Costume

Yesterday, Marvel continued its week of pre-Comic-Con news cycle dominance by announcing on The Colbert Report that Steve Rogers would no longer be Captain America. Rather, his longtime partner Sam Wilson, better known as The Falcon, would be taking over the role in the wake of Rogers’ losing his Super Serum and, thus, his superpowers. While we here at the Nerdist offices were thrilled to hear that Sam Wilson would be Cap’s replacement, we were less than enthused by his new costume, which proved to be a weird amalgam of his Falcon gear and Cap’s classic costume, blending the two together in all the wrong ways.Rather than sit here stewing and griping about it, we decided to take action, so without further ado, we present the editorial team’s suggestions for alternate costumes!

Here is the current, official costume as revealed last night:


Science editor Kyle Hill really earns his title with this incredibly detailed, scientifically accurate version:


Olga Desyatnik‘s version of Captain Falcmerica might be more falcon than man, but it’s hard to argue with that chest hair topiary:


Nicole Enriquez clearly envisions a strong, Japanese high school-style relationship between Wilson and Rogers. Those biceps though.


If nothing else, Ben Mekler should be lauded for his incredible innovation of the “Combat Beak”:


Andrew Bowser has a much more aerodynamic vision for our new Cap. Or at least one who could moonlight as a Village Person: 


One million points to Brian Walton for adding the Rob Liefeld leg smoke:



Malik Forte‘s offering is a perfect blend of the old and the new. And yes, it does stand for “Nerdist”: 


And I don’t know about you guys, but I think that my version really captures the spirit of this new development.



Then again, it’s tough to compete with this incredible rendition by Charlene Jimenez. He should totally be played by Chris Feathens:



What do you think of Captain America’s new costume? Do you have a better design? Share it with us in the comments or on Twitter by using the hashtag #NewCapstume.

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  1. I figured this would be the most obvious choice for a costume: