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8 More FALLOUT 4 GIFs to Keep You Entertained

In a year where massive AAA titles have ruled the console space, there’s one in particular that has seemingly consumed everyone’s free time: Fallout 4. Now that’s not to say that other games haven’t been excellent or as massive as Bethesda’s latest installment, but most of us have been waiting years to take on the role of the Vault Dweller once again. Predictably, many have lost countless hours of their free time exploring and doing downright silly things in the post-apocalyptic, irradiated version of Boston.

Last week, we compiled our favorite Fallout 4 GIFs, but a lot can happen in a week, especially in this game, so we had to come out with a second edition. Without further ado, here’s a new batch of fantastic Fallout 4 GIFs that are just too rad not to share.

Fallout Gif 1

Never let your guard down in the wasteland. Never!

HT: SpiderByte

Fallout Gif 2

That’s not how it’s supposed to happen.

HT: RockLeeSmile

Fallout Gif 3

Babe Ruth?

HT: Chrisychris

Fallout Gif 4

What happens when a grenade meets a molotov?  Total destruction.

HT: Sporkz

Fallout GIf 5

Ummmm…that’s not how you get the food out of the lunch box. 

HT: M-Bro Gaming

Oh yeah, did I mention you should NEVER let your guard down in the wasteland? Oops. 

HT: Lusts

Fallout Gif 7

This is still one of my favorites. The pure jubilance the internet felt when this majestic game was announced.

HT: TaintedGENE

Fallout 4 Gif 9 gif

Is that Nick Valentine or Michael Jackson? (I know it’s a backwards lean.)

HT: David Wilcox

Some of these are pretty damn hilarious. I seriously can’t wait for more mods to hit the scene, because then we will see some insane footage. Hopefully you enjoy these as much as I did. Which one of the above made you laugh the hardest? Have you done anything similar to one of these? Let us know in the comments below, and please share your favorite GIFs as well.

Images: Bethesda

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