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8-Bit Lit at NerdMelt

Calling all gamers and book-dorks in the Los Angeles area! Meltdown Comics and the NerdMelt Showroom have an awesome art gallery opening this Saturday: 8 Bit Lit brings together video games and literature with art from The Meltdown’s own Dave Kloc, John Mathot (Phineas & Ferb), Jason Jones (American Dad), and WAY too many more to list! The opening reception starts at 7 pm; DJ Old Boy will get you groovin’ once you’ve loosened up with free beer from the Stone Brewing Co., and The Bun Truck will be on hand to exchange money for delicious food.

If this sounds like your typical, nerd-themed art gallery, think again, Sally. Tiny Splendor is transforming Meltdown Comics into a living arcade and Super Inflated is making life-size balloon sculptures of some of gaming’s most notable characters. Put down your controller and come party: 8 Bit Lit starts Saturday, March 2nd at 7pm at Meltdown Comics. For a full list of the artists, click on this color Facebook link and RSVP today!

Follow Matthew Burnside on Twitter because he’s the Matthew Burnside from The Indoor Kids. Oh, you don’t care? Makes sense.

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