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6 Things You Missed in the Battle of the Bastards!

I bet you didn’t even realize you missed six whole things on last night’s Game of Thrones, did ya? Well we’re digging into all the juicy details on today’s Nerdist News! This episode completely paid off after the slightly underwhelming previous week’s episode. I mean, we got the titular “Battle of the Bastards,” a possible brand new ‘ship I’ve already hopped aboard, and even more amazing things you might’ve missed last night!

Let’s start with the increasingly present Wildfire, that crazy bit of sorcery. It’s been hinted at pretty regularly this season—from Tyrion’s little family history lesson to Cersei’s confirmation of the rumor courtesy of her very own Doctor Frankenstein—so with the decision to no longer allow trial-by-combat, Cersei’s future isn’t looking too bright. …Unless it’s about to be straight up LIT UP BY WILDFIRE! It feels like Cersei is about to give King’s Landing the Mad King treatment, giving a very Westerosi spin on the classic phrase “going out with a bang!”

Speaking of throwbacks, holy deja vu Batman, did we all catch that Jon Snow shot last night? The exact angle of the Stark bastard coming up for a much-needed breath of fresh air mid-battle is an almost exact replica of a previous shot of Daenerys Stormborn being lifted up by the freed slaves. This is no accident—I mean we’re all waiting for the reveal that Jon has been a secret Targaryen all along. It’s just a matter of whether we’ll get this confirmed in time for the season finale!

But in the meantime, Jon is embracing full-on Stark-mode. Clad in his possible-father-but-probable-Uncle Ned‘s clothes (or something cut from the same cloth), ignoring Sansa’s half-reasonable/half-withholding logic, Jon fought for family and honor, even though he may have rushed in a little too soon, risking the total destruction of his army. Thankfully Sansa was there to step in and save her half-brother/probable-cousin’s life.

Speaking of Sansa, holy shit: Sansa Stark fully evolved from spoiled princess to calculated master of the game. The women are BRINGING it right now on Game of Thrones, and Sansa is adding to this wonderfully. She’s blended her Stark honor with her calculated morally-grey antics of the terrible men she’s been surrounded by since her father’s beheading. Bringing in the Knights of the Vale to see the fight, thanks to wishful-paramour Petyr Baelish, Sansa had a clever strategy and she came through. This army afforded her the opportunity to finally do to Ramsay exactly what we’ve been waiting what feels like forever to see. What exactly did we see? Oh, just the murderous, torturing rapist/all-around monster Lord Bolton getting torn to shreds by the only things he swore would never turn on him: his trusty hounds. And boy was it beautiful. The She-Stark even spared the smallest smile on her way out. We aren’t sure if this is a whole new Littlefinger/Bolton-inspired Stark or just a one-off release as a result of the tragedies she’s faced. Only time will tell!

Next up, and this may have slipped a lot of people’s minds, but we may have seen the final destruction of the race of giants for Game of Thrones. Wun Wun the giant was the last of three giants we’ve seen in this song of ice and fire—the previous two dying on-screen in battle. Since their arrival on the show, the giants have been treated like the majestic huge creatures they are. Did “The Battle of the Bastards” just show the destruction of the last of this race? Fingers crossed we meet some more because those giants were pretty pretty pretty cool.

Finally, last night’s episode was the first in GoT history that we’ve really laid in on Ice and Fire, finally paying off the A Song of Ice and Fire book series title and giving us a peek at how the show might come to a close. With the dragon fire and cannonballs burning up Meereen, and Winter pushing the soldiers up north, the show’s direction is becoming clearer. If King’s Landing is really about to burn to the ground next week, we just might see the plot converge into a few final locations as our living characters face off in a final battle with the dead!!

So, what might have seemed at first glance like a pretty straightforward episode might have actually just laid down a solid foundation for the future. Did you guys catch anything we missed? How many episodes do you think it’ll take for Daenara to take hold? I’m hoping one. What all are you hoping to see in the finale? Let’s discuss!

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