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6 Things We Want To See in Titan’s New PENNY DREADFUL Sequel Comic

Earlier this year, Penny Dreadful came to a surprisingly sudden end on Showtime after only three seasons. But this week, Titan Comics revealed plans for a new Penny Dreadful comic book series that will take place six months after the show’s conclusion. For fans of the series, that’s the best news we’ve heard in a while!

The creative team for the new Penny Dreadful comic has not yet been revealed, and all we know is that Ethan Chandler has been unable to get past the harrowing events of the series finale. But Ethan won’t be out of action for long, as he’ll be forced to “take up arms against the creatures crawling out of the night.”

Because of the way that Penny Dreadful wrapped up its third season, there were a lot of dangling threads left by the series. In fact, there are six things in particular that we want to see addressed in the new comic. There are spoilers ahead for anyone who didn’t make it all the way through the show. You’ve been warned!

The Wolf of God


For three seasons, the series put Ethan on the path to embrace his destiny as the Wolf of God. Now we need to understand what that means. According to the late Hecate, Ethan’s wolf man incarnation was meant to be a creature of darkness and she wanted to create a little hell on Earth alongside him. And it’s not like Ethan didn’t leave a long trail of bodies in his wake.

Kaetenay had a more hopeful vision for Ethan, and that’s why he made him into a werewolf. Kaetenay said that there was a prophesy in which an Apache would stand against the darkness coming for the Earth. He claimed Ethan as his son (which made him an Apache in spirit) and he empowered Ethan to face that destiny as humanity’s champion. Ethan can’t be both a savior and a destroyer, so we’re eager to see which path he ultimately takes. And if you think a happy ending is preordained, do you remember how well things worked out for Vanessa?

Dorian Gray’s Favor


No one should ever cross an immortal who has no problem killing almost anyone in his way. Dorian Gray warned Victor Frankenstein that he would claim a favor in return for saving his life. But Victor didn’t fulfill his end of the bargain when he released Lily without giving her Hyde’s serum to cure her dark urges. Does anyone think that Gray wouldn’t follow up on that favor from the good doctor? And what will he ask for this time?

Catriona Hartdegen


With Vanessa Ives lost to this world, Penny Dreadful already has an intriguing heroine who may be ready to step up as a major player. Catriona Hartdegen made quite an impression in the third season, with her skillful swordplay and her knowledge of Thanatology (the study of death). It’s almost as if she would have been one of the lead characters if the show had continued. Now that Penny Dreadful is going forward as a comic, Catriona should be at the forefront of what comes next.

The Rise of Mr. Hyde


The third season introduced us to Dr. Henry Jekyll, and established his brilliance with chemicals that could reshape the minds and personalities of others. And yet we haven’t seen Jekyll go full Mr. Hyde. That seems like a must for any continuation of this series, as it’s Jekyll’s destiny to be overtaken by the monster hiding beneath his skin and in his thoughts. We’re also very eager to see what Mr. Hyde would look like through the lens of this franchise.



Frankenstein’s Monster (or Caliban, as we’ve come to call him) decided against resurrecting the son of the man he once was, before paying his respects to Vanessa. That means that Caliban can’t return to the wife he once had, and he’s once again alone in this world. It wouldn’t be quite right for Caliban to simply align himself with Ethan, and Sir Malcolm Murray, given their friendship with Frankenstein. But Caliban has been a part of this tale since the beginning, and that should continue in the comics.

Vanessa Ives


Vanessa Ives is dead…but when has that ever stopped anyone in fiction? Even in death, Vanessa’s story may not entirely be over. Penny Dreadful dealt with many supernatural aspects, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Vanessa’s spirit to linger. We certainly thought that there was more to her story than the show had time to tell. Now, Vanessa’s tale can go forward even if that only means a further examination of her past.

What do you want to see in the Penny Dreadful comic when it debuts early next year? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Showtime

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