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6 New Trailers We Can’t Get Enough Of

Good morrow, dear Nerdist News viewers! We don’t know what it is about this week–the nearly catastrophic consequences of the dreaded Daylight Saving Time, perhaps?–but we’ve been blessed with a veritable smorgasbord of trailers recently. From a new look at Pixar’s upcoming Inside Out (to fill the Leslie Knope-shaped hole in our hearts) to comics in TV-land, The Flash and Daredevil, to Game of freakin’ Thrones and beyond, we received teases for the host of visual amuse-bouches coming our way in 2015.

But… will all these trailers live up to the hype? As Prometheus and Where the Wild Things Are taught us, a fantastic trailer does not necessarily a good film make. As always, Jessica Chobot is here to help. She’s breaking down all the teasers we’ve seen this week, from Disney’s still-muddled sci-fi spectacle Tomorrowland to the Rock hopefully saving the LA-based Nerdist staff in San Andreas. Settle in, folks: we’re diving deep!

That’s all for today’s show. Don’t miss another tasty treat from iZombie in our latest video, “Easy Brains Oven”! Then, study up on Ultron before the new Avengers movie with Dan Casey on The Dan Cave. Last, but not least, let us know which trailer got you the most hyped in the comments below!


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  1. Shunderson says:

    Brad Bird deserves trust.  I’m sure Tomorrowland will be interesting.  I’m very excited about Daredevil.  And, uh, how dare you defame Where the Wild Things Are?  It’s not a great film, but I love it for being brave enough to be weird.  And for having a child actor who isn’t incredibly fake and annoying.

  2. mikedudez says:

    i want to see tommorow land and find out where they keep their church. oh wait its the future no need to believe in a god or devil when we have science.

  3. Sarah says:

    San Andreas might be meh of the bunch here. Shades of 2012?  All of the ‘splosions and a sappy love story? 

    • mikedudez says:

      thats kinda a good thing, ive always wondered if they could make a more believe-able earthquake movie than charlton hestons.

  4. RedwoodCoast says:

    Inside Out MEH, No surprise and No disaappointment, Just same old PIXAR.

    GoT Can only disappoint, but will most likely surprise. GoT has REP.

    Tomorrowland, Pretty, shiny, crappy, PG13 Yawn. If it was R or NC-17 maybe… Shiny dark cerebral provoking delight, But its Hollywood.

    Flash trailer. Really Trickster in new series, It JARS the mind. How long ago was that original flash… NM, Will have to watch cause Trickseter is perfect for MARK’s skills.

    San Andreas If its done with tongue and cheek humor could surprise, but expecting UGH, but ROCK/DUANE will deliver.

    DareDevil finally MCU darkness HOPING FOR SURPRISE, will be hard to be disappointed.