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5 STAR WARS Cupcakes to Celebrate May the 4th

May the 4th is coming up and if there’s one thing I spend a lot of time thinking about it’s Star Wars. And cupcakes. And maybe donuts, let’s not forget donuts. Star Wars provides the perfect inspiration for sweets, with memorable characters that are easily transformed into desserts.

Advice for anyone tackling themed treats for this most celebrated of all galactic holidays, focus on simplicity and key elements of each character. Princess Leia’s hair buns can be made recognizable with the help of Oreos. Ackbar’s exaggerated eyeballs define his demeanor while props easily change ordinary baby cupcakes into extraordinary padawan.

Over the years, I’ve made plenty of cupcakes and these five are some of my favorites. Follow my simple step by step instructions and you’re sure to have a fabulous Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you!

Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes-04282015

Admiral Ackbar cupcakes (recipe)
Ackbar’s color and magnified eyes are what makes this cupcake recognizable. The skin tone color is achieved by combining a mixture of orange and brown food coloring and a dash of cocoa powder.

Princess Leia Cupcake-04282015

Princess Leia cupcakes (recipe)
The first lady of Star Wars, her hairstyle was destined to go down in history. The simple addition of Oreos makes this iconic hairdo distinct and delicious.

Star Wars Rebels Hera cupcake-04282015

Star Wars Rebels cupcakes (recipe)
Hera from Star Wars Rebels gets her Twi’lek skintone from matcha powder, making the frosting naturally colored as well as tasty.


SmoresTroopers cupcakes (recipe)
It’s impossible to miss your target with a chocolate cupcake filled with marshmallow fluff and topped with a Stormtrooper homemade graham cracker.

Padawan cupcakes-04282015

Baby Jedi cupcakes (recipe)
These younglings have mini Nilla wafer heads while rolled Starburst serve as blankets. Sure, these baby cupcakes are adorable as is, but add tiny plastic lightsabers and it is useless to resist.


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