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5 Reasons Why Paramore Frontwoman Hayley Williams Totally Deserves To Be Called A ‘Trailblazer’

On December 12, Billboard will be hosting their Women In Music Awards and, along with honoring Ariana Grande and Idina Menzel, the event will also bestow Paramore singer Hayley Williams with the first-ever Trailblazer Honor.

Our first thought was, “Hell to the yes!”

Second, we were flooded with all the reason why the award is so justly deserved. Because it’s impossible to keep our thoughts to ourselves, allow us to share the Top 5 reasons why Hayley Williams IS a total trailblazer.

1. Homegirl is only 25 and has accomplished more than most musicians aspire to achieve in a lifetime.

When Paramore released the band’s debut album, All We Know Is Falling, Williams was only 16 years old. With her father as tour manager, she traveled all over the world—many, many times!—and built a following from the ground-up. Plus, even though she’s just a wee thing, she can totally head-bang with the best of them.

2. She writes anthems that empower girls of all ages.

When a scheming tartlette tried to woo her boyfriend away, Williams didn’t get mad. She got even by writing “Misery Business,” a scathing song that ended up becoming Paramore’s highest-charting song to date. (In 2014, “Ain’t It Fun” took over the top spot.)

3. That voice!

Her vocal range and tonal versatility is truly unearthly. One minute, her voice has the power of a back-handed slap that leaves a bruise, like on “Ignorance,” as heard in the video above. Then, she can sing soft and gentle, as if she’s apologizing for the previous assault. Listen to “The Only Exception” and you’ll hear what we mean.

4. Her style. Her style. Oh, and did we mention her style?

It takes a true fashionista to pull off some of the looks Williams has rocked over the years. For example, not everyone can get away with two-toned pink hair, a sports bra paired with oversized boxing shorts, or biker shorts that look like they’re dripping down your legs. However, whether you think Williams belongs on the best- or worst-dressed list, she owns every outfit and ensemble.

5. She’s a punk-rock role model.

Williams is one of the few pop stars who has managed to remain edgy while still keeping her nose clean. She’s spiritual without preaching about religion and she’s a feminist who doesn’t need to wear her pride on a sponsored T-shirt.

In other words, we salute you, Ms. Hayley Williams. You help make the music world a better place.

And for one last reason to love Hayley, here’s the music video she did with our own Chris Hardwick for Hard and Phirm’s “Gersberms (Yer Gervin Mah)”


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  1. Scotty Why says:

    Paramore sucks and are not “punk” in any way. This list is stupid. Please stick to writing about X-men movies.

  2. MJB says:

    “It takes a true fashionista to pull off some of the looks Williams has rocked over the years.”

    Yes, very impressive the way she…wears clothes.

  3. jason says:

    Punk rock?

  4. Nikk says:

    wtf is Paramore??

  5. J says:

    This is easily the lamest amongst a plethora of lame Nerdist “articles.”

  6. Haters suck! Hayley Rocks! ♡♡♡

  7. Suzy says:

    Gwen Stefani: If it wasn’t for her many bands would not have a female lead vocalist. Or Joan Jett or any of the bands from the  70s/80s. I love Paramore… But they certainly did not lead the way.

  8. overratedsinger says:

    Ugh. NOT a trailblazer. Sooo many artists have done this before her. Its amazing how people forget everything but the last 20 years. Shes overrated. She’s the Avril Laveign of this generation. She “writes her own songs” if by writes her own songs you mean “with a paid producer”. Anything on major label isnt written by any one person. They just say that so they can claim it in interviews. Also, not punk. Im no punk rocker, but I can tell you right now noone who ACTUALLY likes punk music listens to effing paramore. They are POP. 

    • Kyle says:

      Most of what you are saying are assumptions I know plenty of “punk rockers” who like or can appreciate paramore’s music. Also im sure (I’m assuming) she has attributed a lot more to music than what you have, so everything you have to rebuttal her claims for this award is invalid.

      • Overratedsinger says:

        “im assuming”. Did you just use an assumption to rebut my assumption? Listen, im sure you love Paramore, trailblazer means the first to do something. She is not that. Second, yes, punkrockers can like pop music. It doesnt stop it from not being punk. In fact, people who are hardcore about punk rock music TAKE OFFENCE to people claiming to be punk rock when they are clearly not. Just because you dye your hair, doesnt mean you are punk rock. Just because your music uses fast tempos and guitars, dosent make it punk. So yes, shes a great POP ARTIST just like Taylor Swift (who also “writes” her own song) and Rhianna. Ive also worked 20 years as a producer (not like TOP LEVEL but I know a lot of top levels) and ghost writing songs for artists (making beats, adding melody, reworking lyrics, reworking structure) is part of their job. The claim she “writes her own music” means she sat with a piano and penned some lyrics. All the rest is certainly her band, or the producer. But for the award, its billboard. I really dont care what she gets…I just saw the article on a site I liked, am interested and work in the industry of music and stated my opinion, and IN MY OPINION she is not a trail blazer. According to the dictionary a trail blazer is “a pioneer; an innovator”. She is not that. She is copying others who came before her.

    • Bob says:


      • GangGreen,OldBudwieser says:

        I’m what you call a “Punk rocker” and guy you’ve never been so wrong. LOL! They are a Punk band. Yes, they are a little Pop-y. Doesn’t change the fact that Paramore are a Punk band. So in fact. They’re a Pop Punk band, which you’ll find most “Newer” punk bands are falling into that category. The age of actual Punk Rock Bands is over. Bands like The Sex Pistols, The Dead Kennedy’s, The Circle Jerks. Punk Rock era is pretty much over. Hence why it’s all now Pop Punk bands. I mean I could argue Punk music all night long. I’m 19 and I was born and raised on punk culture and I listen to Paramore with joy and glee. 

        • overratedsinger says:

          Please see my response below. yes, punks can listen to pop. it doesnt make paramore punk. Just because youre punk (most punks who are ACTUALLY punks wouldnt call themselves punks if we are talking about the actual culture of punk rock music that started in the 70s. yknow, the anti establishment movement? not the over produced crap now a days), does not make everything you listen to punk. It just means you listen to things that are not punk rock. I dont expect you to understand at 19, but here we are.

      • overratedsinger says:

        Maybe, but ill take that if it means that I can express my opinion on a full overrated pop band.

  9. Casey says:

    That’s awesome. Love Hayley and Paramore. Agreed with all of the above, especially re: her vocal range. “The Only Exception” is one of my favorite songs, along with “Misguided Ghosts”. Another great example is her collaboration with B.o.B. on “Airplanes”. 

  10. to the haters…. Listen to her voice at the very very end especially….

  11. Em says:

    Shame she sold out so badly. Her music used to be a great inspiration for girls wanting to break into a rock scene, but now it’s all just movie soundtrack pop. She sold out her music, her style, and her body, and that’s her own business, but this award is MUCH too late.

    • Micheal says:

      And your basically just using their popular songs (and I say their because it’s a huge injustice to keep saying “she” when it’s an entire band) here, when a lot of their other stuff they don’t play on the radio isn’t all the same. And how did she sell out? They’ve always been semi-popular even since the first album

  12. Alex says:

    Punk rock? Don’t make me laugh. I have no opinion about the rest of this other than its poorly written schlock and doesn’t really belong on nerdist.

    • LongBottomLeaf says:

      It definitely does not belong on Nerdist. Wonder how much the got to wright an article about a POP singer, how the fuck this is punk, or at least an inspiration to young women, I will never know.

      • TKS says:

        Well technically speaking Paramore is a Pop-punk band, they do fall into one of the sub categories of punk. so, technically they are punk. in a way.

  13. qwert says:


  14. Krystyna says:

    I met Hayley and the rest of Paramore with my son over the summer. She is VERY nice and VERY humble. She thanked us for being her fans and my son for choosing her band to be his first concert. I was absolutley blown away by how nice they all were. I <3 Paramore.  Im so glad she is getting this award!

  15. Mg says:

    One of the best performer as a rocker! Damn, iloveyou so much

  16. Joe says:

    haters gonna hate, but people who like certain things will like her and the music.. I personally do, if you dont… okay too

  17. Haim says:

    Oh please Austin. Are you kidding us?

  18. jesse says:

    Lol did you know they wanted her to be a solo pop artist at first and she refused ? How is that controlling her. Please don’t speak if you don’t even know a single shit about Hayley or paramore.